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Not So Human by Jeannette DiLouie - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Not So Human Tour Graphic
Jeannette DiLouie
Not So Human
Series: Faerietales Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Publication Date: February 22, 2015
Two new wings... One Preservation problem.
Sabrina might not care for everything about herself, but she's still used to being a human, an orphan and an everyday average American. However, her life changes forever the day she's followed home by four unsmiling men in dark suits and sinister shades.
A crash-course in reality reveals that she's actually a faerie princess, with a royal family in Scotland and some particularly brutal enemies hunting her down in the U.S. Fleeing the country doesn’t solve her problems though. It only adds to them.
With her new tiara to try on for size and a potential romance that seems bound to go badly before it begins, Sabrina still has to stay one wing ahead of the Human Preservation and Advancement Committee. Which has made its mission to ruin her life. Permanently.

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Special Promo: Available on Kindle for only $4.99, and in Print for only $9.99!
Offer ends August 18.

Book Tour Schedule

Follow the book tour from July 30 - August 18, 2018.
Visit each tour stop daily and discover more features, excerpts, reviews, interviews, fun facts and more!
To check the latest tour schedule, visit the Not So Human Book Page at Book Unleashed.

Not So Human Excerpt
© Jeannette DiLouie

Shaking uncontrollably, Sabrina gasped for air.
Meanwhile, her wretched attacker knelt there, looking composed and altogether in charge. His fingers twitched menacingly, curling and uncurling while he gave her a minute to collect herself.
Then he deigned to address her again. “Would you like to reconsider cooperating?”
Sabrina nodded, hating him for making her acquiesce almost as much as she despised him for almost killing her.
“Good decision. Now get out.”
He stood up and stepped back to accept the towel his associate offered. The other two men must have moved at some point while she was underwater. They were looming over Deanda, who was trying to sit up. Her friend’s attempts just earned her a foot in the side that sent her sprawling back down in an ungraceful heap.
She cried out at the movement and tried to struggle. But the same suited terror that had kicked her moved again to place his foot on her neck, keeping her down and facing away from the drama enfolding at the hot tub.
With a powerless glance over at her prostrate friend, Sabrina did as she’d been told. Standing there dripping wet and breathing hard, she knew how vulnerable she looked. The only way she could look more so was by wearing a big sign around her neck with the words “take advantage of me” scrawled out in bold and over-sized letters.
With that in mind, she crossed her arms over her chest, shivering from more than the temperature change she’d just undergone.
The man stared at her – or probably stared at her. She couldn’t really tell through the sunglasses – while he casually ran the towel over his face, arms and chest. It was like he’d just gotten splashed by a few raindrops the way he was behaving. His callousness frightened her, but not as much as when he removed his sunglasses to clean them off as well.
If her brush with death hadn’t terrified her enough, his brown eyes did. Dark with calculation, they reflected what his mouth had already hinted at: that he was enjoying himself.
Finished drying off, he held the fluffy cloth just away from him. “Do you want it?”
Sabrina didn’t need any encouragement to say no. Her teeth chattered, and she clamped her jaws together while she stood her ground.
“Yes, you do,” he informed her with a nasty little smile. “This is the Hyatt, and appearances matter. You can’t go out there looking like a drowned mouse. Now come here.”
Her entire insides turned at just the thought of being any closer to him. But when she still didn’t move, he rocked a bit backward on his heels.
“Unless you need further convincing.” He nodded at the hot tub again in case she was too dense or damaged to understand his obvious threat.
Still unsure which one was worse, Sabrina banked everything on the semi-public nature of where they were, even if the public was conspicuously elsewhere. She shuffled forward, not sure whether she should be looking at the ground to avoid looking at him, or at him to have some clue about his next move. Though it turned out she shouldn’t have bothered, since the HPAC bully decided for her.
Just as she was reaching for the towel, her tormentor let it drop to the ground, forcing a fresh wave of humiliation through her. Even though she knew what he wanted her to do, she still waited for him to say it. Petrified or not, there was no way she was going to bow down otherwise.
“What are you waiting for, little Princess?” He asked snidely. “Pick it up.”
With quick, jerky movements, Sabrina stooped to grab it. As soon as her fingers were clenched around the cloth, she was scurrying back several steps, where she wrapped the towel around her body for what protection it could afford.
“Dry off. We’re going back to your room.”
“Why?” Her face blanched, and everything else locked up at the horrid possibilities.
“Because I said so.”
“That isn’t good enough.” Despite that brave stance, she was trembling violently. “I want a real answer, or you might as well just kill me now.”
He took a menacing step forward. “You sure about that?”

Other Books by Jeannette DiLouie

If finding out she’s far from human can’t break Sabrina Johnson, what can? That’s the question the faerie-hating secret society tracking her down across five countries wants to know. And they won’t stop until they find the answer – or until Sabrina’s dead.

To Err Is Faerie

Up in the Air

Wing and Dagger
FLIGHTS OF FANCY, Book 5 of the Faerietales series will be out this year, so there will be no waiting for the finale!

Fun Facts About Jeannette

·         I love owning a ridiculous range of Kohl’s SO-brand tank top colors. There’s just something about having them among my wardrobe possibilities that makes me happy. Plus, they’re SO (pathetic little pun intended) convenient for layering.
·         Belle from Disney’s cartoon version of Beauty and the Beast is my spirit animal. She’s a brunette bookworm with her head in the clouds, a temper and the desire to go out into fields singing about how she wants “adventure in the great wide somewhere.”
I hear you, Belle. I hear you.

·         I have a blue dragon stuffed animal named Snufflepuss. Originally, I wanted to buy him for my then 1-year-old niece because he was just so cute. But she threw it on the Hobby Lobby floor when I tried to show it to her. So clearly, she wasn’t impressed.
Now, every time she comes over, she wants to play with him. I love that little girl more than I can possibly say, but she lost her chance. Snufflepuss is mine.

·         One of the reasons why I love running my own editing business so much is because I get to learn something new every single day. For example, right now, I’m helping a writer work on her memoir about living in Hungary in the 1980s.
Instant education!

The same applies to my creative writing clients. Everyone has some unique facts, perspectives or style to offer, making my job more rewarding, fun and fascinating than I can possibly say.

·         You know those containers of soft-baked chocolate chip cookies you can get from the grocery store? They’re about three or four inches in diameter and come about 24 per bucket. In my carefree 20s, I could eat them clean in a single night.
Sadly, my 30-something metabolism just isn’t up to par anymore. So I’ve had to mend my soft-baked chocolate chip cookie-scarfing ways.

About Jeannette DiLouie

Jeannette DiLouie
Jeannette DiLouie was born a New Jersey girl and will die the same even if she grew up in Pennsylvania, lived in Maryland and is now back in PA. She’s also a cookie dough-eating, travel-obsessed bookworm and editor who loves helping others reach their own writing goals and dreams. Ethnically half-Italian, Jeannette is tragically addicted to carbohydrates. Ethnically half-Scottish, she’s counting down the days when she can go visit again. And being just under five-foot three, she happily claims her short-girl rights to climb on any shelf or counter she needs to.
Social media links: Facebook | Instagram


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Prizes up for grabs:
1) $25 Amazon Gift Card
2) Not So Human (Winner's choice of eBook or Print)
Contest runs from July 30 - August 18, 2018.

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