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Revelations by Bellamy Westbay - Guest Blogger Book Review

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When modern-day twists with the old texts from the creation of time, you find a story that leads a group of friends on a journey, one that will change their lives and possibly the world’s….

Gwen Adams was faced a tough decision. On one side there was Alexander, the rich, powerful, devastatingly sexy man who intoxicated her with his very presence. On the other, the poor, hardworking, and gorgeous Ky, who’d earned her friendship and stolen her heart.

Alexander Prescott was bored with the predictability of eternity when his world was rocked by a beautiful woman who looked exactly like his long lost love. Despite the fact that she was human, he knew he’d found the woman destined for him. That was, until he met Gwen.

As outside forces push Alexander and Gwen together, another more sinister force lurks in the shadows, determined to destroy him.

Torn between the woman destined for him, and the one he desperately desired, what would he do?

This book is the first in a series that will take you on a unique journey of lo
ve, lust, revenge, and betrayal.

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Sally's Review
Gwen is the sweet girl from next door. She knows how to have fun but would rather let her compatriots hone in on the spotlight. 
Her world is turned around as she’s thrust into the drama she so desperately tries to avoid when two love interests pull her between the safe choice and what her body desires. Not to mention trying not to betray her long time friend. 
I really liked this character because she was sweet and moral, with a bit of a defiant streak, and I found her to be fun and interesting.
Alex has a secret. He’s fairly good at hiding it and staying on mission, but when he meets Hannah and Gwen, he finds himself torn in two different directions. 
What he thinks destiny has in store for him and what his heart tells him is the love of his life. 
How can he stay on course and pursue happiness when he's trying to discover who is sabotaging him and his companies? 
I liked Alex’s strength and confidence, though he did question it at times. He was easy to relate to and feel for.
Action, adventure, love, thrills; there’s so much left to discover at the end of this first installment of The Infinity Series. 
I give this book a 3.5 star rating. I’m definitely eager for the next book!

Author Bio
Bellamy Westbay was born and raised in north Georgia. She loves roller coasters, rock concerts, and spending time with her husband and young son. Bellamy harbors a nerdy love of science and math. Her oldest love, however, is her love of reading.  

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