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Shadow's Hand by Noelle Nichols - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Shadow's Hand
The Shadow's Creed Saga Book 1
by Noelle Nichols
Epic Fantasy

I used to believe our morals were absolute.

I no longer am certain.

Imposters pose as our Shadow group, spreading panic and killing innocents
across the lands. These False Shadows wield a magic in its infancy, a
power they call the Skills. There’s great potential to this power,
but a menacing undertone taints those who wield it. Their intentions
are sinister, without purpose, and their morals, questionable.

I am Kilo, a Shadow of Vaiyene, and I vow to put an end to these False
Shadows. My friends have been killed. My homeland, threatened. These
imposters know our weakness, and they seek to exploit who we are. I
fear before the end, I may forsake the very creed I’ve lived my
life by. Despite this, I must persist and find a way to return peace
to the lands. I will become the strength our people need.


My parents were brave and honorable. 
I am neither of these.

This is no longer the world my parents knew. Peace is threatened in
Vaiyene and across the lands. The False Shadows have attacked, and
despite our Phantoms reassurance, I am not naïve enough to believe
we are safe.

I am Shenrae, one of the next generation of Shadows. My comrades doubt
me, as I often doubt myself, but I have no other choice than to
fight. The Phantoms cannot protect us for long. Soon, I will have to
find my place, and my strength, or I will lose everything I have left.

Shadow’s Hand is the first book in a heroic epic fantasy, inspired by Japan’s
samurai and their warrior code Bushido. It’s a story about the
makings of a hero and the hero’s sacrifice. If you like characters
with strong morals, fast-paced epic storytelling and exploring
magic’s morality, you’ll love The Shadow's Creed Saga. Pick up a
copy today and join Kilo and Shenrae on their heart-twisting journey
to restore peace.

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I dropped to my knees at the base the Reikon Tree, my mind unclear. Snow meandered around the great tree’s branches, falling in light mounds around me. Snowflakes covered the fur cloak that lay across my shoulders, but I did not bother to brush them aside.
Is this the right decision?
My parent’s swords rested in the ground where Syrane and I had placed them after purifying the blades in the high alpine lakes. The snow made their final resting place seem peaceful. Beautiful even.
We came here often as children. Syrane, my parents and me. My mother told us about the Shadows of old and their will to protect us, and about how they sacrificed themselves to protect others so that we may live peacefully. My father told us tales of their own journey and the people they had helped along the way. I listened to their stories, gaining a sense of wonder that my parents stood for something greater. There was a deep purpose to their lives—even in death their spirits continued to watch over Vaiyene.
I did not know how to describe it, but being under the Reikon tree brought me peace, like the Shadow’s calm and will made the earth light with their protection.
From a young age, the Shadows were my idols. Now, on the cusp of deciding what path I would take, I remained unsure. Would I really be able to become a Shadow?
I leaned forward and brushed the snow off my parents’ swords, letting my fingertips trail over the metal hilt. Would I be able to uphold their names? I rocked back onto my knees and looked up through the twisted branches, at the overcast sky, pulling down the scarf from around my nose, and letting the snowflakes melt on my skin. I blew out a cloud of breath.
I used to read through the Shadow’s Creed, pretending I was a Shadow alongside Syrane. We recited the creed together, created fake missions and established mock villages in various locations around Vaiyene. I smiled at the memory. I almost forgot.
Back then I had been so sure. Now I hesitated. Why?
What bothered me the most was not knowing what to do. Indecisiveness. Was I making the right choice asking to become a Shadow? Would I disappoint my parents because I was no good?
These thoughts—and countless more—swirled in my head since Kilo’s exile. If he were still in Vaiyene, my thoughts on the Shadows would have remained untouched. Idolized even. But the Phantom’s actions made no sense. Turning their back on the threat that loomed. It’s not Shadow-like.
And if even the Phantom’s were afraid, what made me think I could do better?
I pushed myself onto my feet, the blood tingling as it recirculated through my legs, cutting off my thoughts before they ran away too far. One decision at a time. My mother always patted my head as she said the words.
Syrane and I were on our own. We had decided to become Shadows to stay together and to find our place in the world. It seemed as good a choice as any. I had no natural talents. I did not create, nor could I build with my hands. Even the way to grow wheat was beyond my understanding.
But I know how to be a Shadow.
Our parents raised us by the Shadow’s Creed, instilled our belief in it. While my understanding of the creed was through their eyes, one of the principles demanded a person stay true to one’s self and be loyal to those you loved.
Becoming a Shadow alongside my brother would be the first step in upholding the teachings passed down to me.
I ran my hands through my hair, digging my fingers into the side. I just wish I knew it was the right decision.

Hello, I'm Noelle. A writer, a creator and most of all a dreamer.

We have the opportunities, both as writers and readers, to experience
people who are better than ourselves. Flawed still, but people who go
against all odds, perhaps too great for us in real life to aspire to.
They speak grander, fight against magical forces and live in a place
where imagination and dreams can thrive. This is why I write Fantasy.
Within my characters I find the strength and hope for a better
tomorrow, one that can be more fantastical and beyond reality. It's
these characters that I wish to write, and these journeys I want to
take my reader's on.

I've been writing my trilogy, The Shadows Creed Saga, for the past five years.
The original idea came to me back in high school where I had the
support of many of my English teachers to continue writing the book.
However, I realized that in order to write a good book, I needed to
have experienced life more. I needed to lose someone close. I needed
to have my heartbroken. I needed to know what it was like to really
love someone, and what it means to be loved. So, I put my book away
and came back to it eight years later. I feel that I can instill my
life experiences into my characters now and really understand them.

I now feel I have the discipline, experience and imagination needed to bring the books to
publication. For now, this is my records to publication and my
writing process. My only wish is to write books that take people on a
journey, and feel that perhaps they have a friend and someone to
aspire to within the pages.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts and a giveaway!

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