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Spirit Warrior by Ella J. Smyth - Book Tour

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Spirit Warrior
Spirit Walker Book Three
Ella J. Smyth

Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Unapologetic Romances

Date of Publication: 26th August 2018

ISBN: 9781386686910

Number of pages: 299
Word Count: 65600

Cover Artist: CoverMe Designs

Tagline: A mighty spirit walker with a personal grudge, set to destroy them both.

Book Description:

Adi and Honi journey to Southern Oklahoma to meet Honi’s Mekui’te tribe at the reservation where he grew up. Honi’s infectious excitement almost erases Adi’s apprehension at meeting his family, and she’s desperate to make a good impression.

When Adi is met with silent hostility that gets worse rather than better, she realizes there may be more to the initial resistance Honi had warned her to expect.

Honi is confused and hurt by his family’s reaction, and by Adi’s increasingly strange behavior. She’s claiming the spirit animals of his tribe are diseased and sickly, but they look just fine to him. On top of that, when Adi meets Honi’s ex, Nina, her jealousy gets way out of hand, and threatens to drive them apart.

While mysterious forces manipulate and distort their realities, can Honi and Adi join forces to figure out what is happening before it’s too late and they are separated forever?

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Spirit Warrior – Excerpt, by Ella J. Smyth

 When the waitress shuffled back out with Adi’s pancakes stacked high, drowning in a sea of syrup, her eyes lit up. The woman put the plate in front of her and set a glass containing an amber liquid next to it. Adi looked at the glass, then at the waitress, then back at the glass.
"What’s this?" she asked.
"That’s your tea, hon," the waitress replied, her eyes narrowing, before shuffling back into the kitchen.
Adi grabbed the drink and sipped. It was tea, all right, but it was cold and sugary-sweet. She grimaced and looked at Honi.
"What the hell is that?"
Honi chuckled. "That’s iced tea. That’s what we drink here."
Adi looked at him in horror. "What do you mean, iced tea? I just wanted a cup of hot black tea to go with the pancakes.”
Honi laughed louder. “I don’t think you’ll have much luck with that. You can ask, but I’d say Brenda wouldn’t have that on the menu. Here in the South, you either drink coffee or iced tea. Maybe some of the fancier diners offer hot black tea, but not here.“
Adi lifted the glass to her lips again, but after another sip, she grimaced and put it back down.
“Ugh, this is so sweet. I can’t drink it.”
“Have you never had iced tea before? You were eighteen when you moved to the
“Yeah, but the places I lived, they sold hot tea!”
Brenda’s face popped up from around the kitchen corner.
“Everything okay?”
Adi took a deep breath. Jesus, she was about to lose it over a frigging cup of tea. Must be the jet-lag messing with her head.
“No, no problem. The food is lovely,” she called out, smiling at the frowning woman.
Honi’s arm came around her shoulders, giving her a quick squeeze. “I’d forgotten how cranky lack of sleep makes you.”
Adi was about to snap at him when she realized that yes, she was cranky. And it wasn’t Honi’s fault. Or Brenda’s. She needed to shut up and eat.

About the Author:

Unapologetic Romances Because Love Needs No Excuses

Growing up in Germany, Ella always had a passion for myths and fairytales. No surprise then that she married an Irishman and lived 6 years in Ireland, the country of Leipreachán, Sidhe, Púca and other fascinating creatures. There's nothing like walking at night through a deserted laneway, fog swirling around your feet, knowing that maybe, just maybe, on the other side of the hedge, there might be some old lady in a black cloak waiting for you...

If you got the shivers right now, you know why Ella feels compelled to write stories around the supernatural and paranormal. There's nothing like a delicious shudder making you enjoy life just a little more... Plus she’s a romantic.

So look forward to modern romantic stories set against the background of ancient myths and legends. Ella hopes you enjoy reading them as much as she enjoys writing them!

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