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The Enigma of a Widow by Linda Rae Sande - Book Tour + Giveaway

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The Enigma of a Widow
The Widows of Aristocracy Book 2
by Linda Rae Sande

Historical Regency Romance

Having lost her husband in the Battle of Ligny, Lady Lydia Barrymore is
determined to resume her work for the Foreign Office when her
mourning period is over. She's spent a year solving puzzles and
assembling dissected maps to maintain her skills. Her first
assignment has her perplexed, though - do what she must to help a
fellow operative recover his sanity. Although she finds the man
rather beautiful, Sir Donald has also proved most annoying.
Newly knighted Adonis Truscott returned from the Continent with a tendency
to get lost in his thoughts. His frequent episodes of staring into
space have his sister claiming he's a candidate for Bedlam - and he's
not about to argue. He doesn't always remember where or when he was
when he recovers, but he remembers he made a promise, and he's
determined to keep it. A promise to provide protection for Lydia,
whether she wants it or not.
When a puzzle's directions require Lydia to solve it with the help of
Adonis, she discovers the man harbors secrets that may be impossible
to reveal. With her own sanity in jeopardy - a year-long mystery
involving her late husband may be more annoying and dangerous than an
errant knight - Lydia will have to piece together a solution that
suits them both in The Enigma of a Widow.

Lydia sighed and made her way down the stairs and to the vestibule. Although Jenkins held a mantle, she gave him a shake of her head. “Not tonight,” she said as she sailed out the front door and hurried to the waiting town coach. Although she couldn’t see her breaths in the night air, it was rather chilly. She almost turned back for the mantle, but remembered why it would be counter to what she hoped to achieve.
Stepping into the dark town coach, Lydia frowned when she realized the exterior lanterns weren’t lit. She was about to chide the driver when she realized she wasn’t alone.
“I nearly sat on you,” she murmured as she settled into the squabs.
“I was rather hoping you would.”
The sound of Oliver Preston’s voice should have sent shivers down her spine. Should have had her breathless with anticipation of whatever he had planned for the two of them as the coach made its way to Drury Lane. But Lydia found herself feeling annoyed.
Even more annoyed than she used to feel when thinking of Adonis Truscott.
“I thought you would be on your wedding trip by now,” Lydia whispered. “Whatever are you doing in here?”
Oliver managed a look of hurt that Lydia could make out despite the darkened interior of the coach. “Hoping to steal a kiss or two... or more,” he said in that voice he used when he thought he was being irresistible. “I leave in the morning.”
Rather disgusted by the rogue’s behavior, Lydia rolled her eyes. “You are a married man now, Oliver. Except for an occasional dance at a ball, I intend to have nothing to do with you.”
“Oh, Lydia, my darling...” Oliver started to argue. But Lydia would have none of it. She was supposed to be on a mission tonight. The last thing she needed was the distraction of a man who was supposed to be a newlywed—and out of her life.
“Now get out of this coach before I have my driver bodily remove you,” she warned in a voice loud enough to be overheard by the driver.
“Really, Lydia. You’re being unreasonable,” Oliver argued.
The door to the town coach suddenly opened.
“The lady has made her wishes known, sir. You would be wise to honor them.”
Lydia blinked when she realized the voice wasn’t that of her driver but rather belonged to someone else.

A self-described nerd and lover of science, Linda Rae spent many years
as a published technical writer specializing in 3D graphics
workstations, software and 3D animation (her movie credits include
SHREK and SHREK 2). An interest in genealogy led to years of research
on the Regency era and a desire to write fiction based in that time.

A fan of action-adventure movies, she can frequently be found at the
local cinema. Although she no longer has any fish, she follows the
San Jose Sharks. She makes her home in Cody, Wyoming. See her
upcoming books on her website:

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