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The Summer Sisters Trilogy by Teresa Keefer - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Blessed Be
The Summer Sisters Book 1
by Teresa Keefer

Paranormal Romance

Alana Summers was quite content with her life. A peaceful farm tucked in a
wooded area by the lake with her pets for company. A shop in the
small tourist town where she sells a potpourri of items that reflect
everything about her. She's at peace. She's Wiccan.

Logan Farmer is the local sheriff. Small town boy who went to the big city
and joined the police force. Then he came home where he belonged. He
is deeply rooted in his Native American heritage.

Both had grown up knowing that there was more to the world that could be
explained or seen. But neither of them knew that their peaceful lives
could be disrupted in an instant by a legend long buried. A tale that
had been told to them by Logan's grandmother when they were young
along with a warning that the ancient legend could replay during their lifetime.

But was it really an ancient paranormal evil come to roost or were the
recent events merely the doings of a warped human mind? Or had the
human's events shaped the return of the evil?

“Do you really have to come back out here?  Maybe you should just get some sleep. You’ve got dark smudges under his eyes and the drawn look that was encompassing his face.  “Logan.  You aren’t going to be any good for anyone or anything if you are walking around like a zombie.”
She was right.  He had been burning the candle at both ends from the time that he had been called out to the Monroe farm.  A few minutes of a catnap snatched here and there.  A full two hours the night that he had dinner with Alana.  Other than that, it was really hard to remember anything more than that.  “We have more than one problem on our hands.  I’ll sleep later.”
“Nonsense.  When we get to my house you are going to take one of the beds in the guest room and get a good night’s sleep.”  When he started to argue, she held up a hand and shook her head.  “No.  Nothing else.  Call your deputy and tell him that you are going to bed.  You can get your reports in the morning.”
His jaw clenched but he didn’t say anything.  He just paid attention to the roads as he drove toward her cabin.  The landscape rolled by, lit only by the occasional security light or glimpse of moonlight through the cloud covered sky.  They didn’t pass any other cars except for one as they drove through the main street of town.  “We will go get your truck another time.  You’re right, I can’t keep my eyes open much longer.”  He glanced over at her, the delicate profile calm despite the storm that they potentially faced.  Logan couldn’t remember a time ever seeing her anything but calm, cool, and collected.  She was the opposite of both of her sisters.  “Are you sure Teagan isn’t going to have a problem with me bunking down in the guest room?
“It will be fine.  Teagan may be a bit high strung but she’s kind in her own way.  She would take one look at you and either tell you to get some sleep or toss your ass in the bed herself.”  Alana chuckled at laughed softly, they both knew her sister could likely call up a gust of air that would knock him off his feet. 
When Logan pulled in front of the cabin it was dark.  No lights on inside save for the single welcome lights glowing in each of the front windows.  The rental car was still parked where it had been since they left earlier.  The porch light was out.  He turned to look at Alana, whose eyebrows were drawn together.  “Alana, why would Teagan turn off the porch light when she knew that we were coming back?”
“She wouldn’t.”
As she reached for the door handle he put a hand on her arm.  “Wait here while I go up.  I assume that you don’t ever lock the door here either?”
Alana shook her head.  “I live in the middle of nowhere close to a town where I know everyone.  And don’t forget, I put a protection spell around the cabin.”
“Nevertheless, let me go up and check things out first.”  He reached for his gun.  Something was off.  He could feel it. Logan walked up the flagstone sidewalk and climbed the two steps up on the porch.  And his boots crunched on something.  Buddy growled from the other side of the door.  Taking the small flashlight out of his pocket, he scanned the wooden floor boards on the porch and saw the glass.  Looking up, he saw the reason for the light not being on.  The bulb had been broken.  He would make sure that was rectified as soon as he could make sure everything inside was okay.  He tried the knob.  Locked.  Buddy’s growls turned into a bark.  Followed by a sleepy voice.
“What the hell is wrong with you?  Damn it Buddy, you woke me up!” 
He knocked on the door.  “Teagan, it’s us.  Let us in.”  He turned and looked at Alana who was standing outside the truck.  Of course, she wouldn’t stay put.  He motioned for her to join him.
Teagan opened the door a crack and looked out, her blue eyes sleepy.  “What the hell Logan?  Where’s Alana?”
“I’m right here.”  Alana joined Logan on the porch and Teagan stepped away from the door and walked toward the living room. “Teagan, why was the light out?”  Alana frowned and checked the switch.  It was in the on position.  She looked at Logan.  “The bulb must have burned out.”
 He shook his head.  “It wasn’t burned out.  It was broken.”  He walked toward the kitchen and reached in a basket of potatoes, selecting one.  “Give me a new bulb and turn the switch off.  I’ll replace it.”  He glanced over his shoulder at Teagan, who was sitting on the sofa dressed in some outrageously expensive pajama set.  Black silk.  With embroidered butterflies on it.  So much like Teagan.  “Teagan, it was good that you locked the door.  Your sister could take a lesson from you.”
Teagan pushed a lock of red hair behind her ear when she looked up.  “I didn’t lock the door.  When I finished up with my bath and you weren’t back, I just went up to bed and crashed.  Until Buddy started growling and barking like a frigging maniac.”
Alana handed him a light bulb out of the box she was holding.  “It must have been the protection spell.  If there was someone out here messing around that shouldn’t have been, it would make sense that the door ended up locked.” 
He couldn’t believe she wasn’t upset.  Someone or something had been close to the cabin and she didn’t even blink an eye.  Confident that the spell she had placed on the cabin had worked as it should have.  “Alana, someone was here.”
“And now they aren’t.”  She put the box of bulbs back in the cabinet and took down three mugs.  “How about some herbal tea for all of us?  Then we sleep.  Tomorrow is a new day.”

The Summer Sisters Book 2

Teagan Summers has a secret that she thought she had tucked away forever.
That is, until she was summoned to her home town of Lakewood to help
with banishing an ancient evil that had come to pay a visit to the
sleepy town. Then, she was faced with another woman whose secret
wasn't so secret anymore.

Devon Brock knew he had to help his friend, Logan Farmer. Logan had helped
him out too many times to turn his back and say no. However, he
didn't realize that he would be called upon to pull out his law
license to defend a poor woman who had killed and mutilated her
husband on Halloween night. And he sure never expected to have to
deal with spoiled Teagan Summers as part of it.

Devon and Teagan join forces as they work valiantly to not only defend a
murderess, but to help Teagan's sisters and Logan Farmer as they
battle an unseen evil that threatens to destroy the small town of
Lakewood. And as they work together, they also form a tentative truce
that they both know could lead to more.

The Summer Sisters Book 3

Riana Summers had spent most of her adult life trying to find herself. The
youngest of the three Summer Sisters, she just couldn't resist sowing
her wild oats and she had done it across the country. When her
sister, Alana, had summoned her to come home to Lakeview because she
was needed to do her part to hunt down and destroy an evil entity
which had been playing havoc on her hometown, she did so with the
intention of returning to her stand-up comedy gig in Las Vegas. She
had no idea her brief trip home would turn to months and that she
would end up finding out who she really was. Or that she would find
herself face to face with a man who could get her to want to settle down.

Eric Michaels had been born and raised to be a farmer. It was what he did
best. So, when the opportunity to be the foreman at a farm near a
place called Lakeview, he had jumped at the chance. What he hadn't
planned on was getting sucked into a paranormal nightmare. Things he
couldn't even begin to fathom. Including finding himself deeply
attracted to a woman who could create magic with the tips of her fingers.

As the conclusion of the Summer Sisters trilogy comes to an end, will
they be able to destroy the force that had unearthed itself from its
deep dark grave to destroy them?

Teresa Keefer is an indie romance author with an avid love of books. She
started writing poetry in high school and after encouragement from a
dear friend, wrote her first full length romance novel in 2007.
Coming Home was finally released as a self-published book in 2011.

Teresa holds an MBA in Human Resources and attended law school for two
years. She lives in rural Indiana with a menagerie of animals and
enjoys the peace of working in the garden and yard of her home. She
has three adult daughters and seven grandchildren and enjoys
crafting, cooking, reading, and studying spirituality in her spare
time when she's not writing or working at her day job.
Her household includes a spoiled dog, three cats, two goats and a
stubborn miniature horse. 

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