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The Tyre by C.J. Dubois & E.C. Huntley - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Barely managing to scrape a living gathering wood from the side of a busy road in TamilNadu, Ranji accepts his lot uncomplainingly. His one and only concern is to feed his beloved family and keep them safe in their hut beneath the banyantree. But when a huge new tyre falls from a passing truck, Ranji realises that this could change his life forever, and embarks on a quest to turn his good fortune into cold hard cash.
But his growing obsession causes Ranji to neglect his beautiful wife Meena, who is struggling to resist the advances of the wealthy local brick-maker. And as Ranji’s formerly simple life fills with worries and conflict, he starts to question whether the tyre is in fact a curse rather than a blessing.

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Jennifer's Review
It’s a very good book and I enjoyed reading it. 
It’s about a man named Ranji who makes a living picking up sticks along the road and selling them for rupees. One day while he is picking up sticks, something falls out of a passing truck. It's a tire. Ranji soon decides to sell the tire, and while he is trying to sell it, something happens to him, his wife, and his daughter. 
What is it? Does he ever sell the tire? What does he do with it and how does the story end? 
It’s a good little story.
4 stars for this book.

Author Bios
C. J. Dubois
A French citizen, Christian was born in Morocco, and lived in India, Belgium and Luxembourg, before settling in Provence. After studying architecture and business in Marseille and Paris, he worked as an architect specialising in Roman and Greek marine archeology - the subject of his very first book, published in 1976. He then moved into industry and joined a major petroleum company with whom he travelled around the world for many years. His observations and experiences from this time formed the basis of a number of award-winning short stories, as well as his first novel, Lignes de terre, which was published in 2011. He also continued to write non-fiction and in 2013, his biography Clot Bey, Médecin de Marseille, was awarded the Prix Félix de Beaujour by the Academy of Marseille. His second novel Le Pneu was published in France in 2015.

E. C. Huntley

After completing a Psychology degree and spending a few years teaching English in Greece, Liz returned to England and started a sales career in educational publishing. She now works as Head of European Sales for a major international publisher and makes regular visits to about a dozen countries every year. While in the UK she divides her time between her home in North London and her seaside flat in East Devon. She has always read widely and realises that the novels that have stayed with her have all been set in exotic locations with strong characters at their heart. Creating the English version of The Tyre, which started out as a favour to a friend, has developed into a fascinating creative project. 

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