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Woodcutter by Shaun Baines - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Some family trees are meant to fall.

On the run from his criminal family, Daniel Dayton returns home to Newcastle Upon Tyne when his abandoned daughter is attacked.

But his family have problems of their own. Targeted by a brutal mercenary, their empire is destined to be destroyed should Daniel refuse to help.

Betrayed by his parents. Despised by his brother. In love with his sister-in-law. Home has become a dangerous place to be.

Daniel wants his daughter safe. And he wants his revenge, but in the shadowy streets of Newcastle, things are never what they seem.

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Jennifer's Review
It’s a good book. 
It’s about a family named the Daytons who run their own business. It’s a shady business, and one day the owner learns that a man named Fairbanks wants to take over the business, or so he thinks. Fairbanks starts killing people in horrible ways that are hard to stomach. 
The owner’s name is Ed Dayton, so he gets his sons involved in the business and the killings. As the book goes on, everyone in the family is trying to figure out what’s going on and how to stop Fairbanks. What is going on? Does Fairbanks want to take over the business? What happens to each son? What happens to Fairbanks? 
It’s a good book, but only for those who can handle reading about horrible ways to be killed. 
4 stars.

Author Bio
From a damp cottage in Scotland, Shaun writes crime noir based in his native North East of England. Dark characters. Mean streets. Suspicion everywhere. Visit him at or @littlehavenfarm

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