Baby Love
by Latiera N. Ford

YA Coming of Age

Love is a little girl who faces a number of challenges between her school
and her home. We all can relate to the pressures of not being
accepted by our peers,sibling rivalry, lost relationships and the
struggle to find love through it all. While directly pin pointing
these important issues, Baby Love serves as an open call for
awareness that can hopefully bring us one step closer to making a
positive change in the lives of all children.
This book is a must read for young adults ranging from age 13 years
and older. Baby Love tells a story of issues that arise for young
children that include bullying, issues with family, and it also
teaches lessons on self love, acceptance, and kindness to one others.

Mrs. Trotter enters the classroom abruptly as she addresses the behavior of her students. “In my class, it is important that you not only learn the value of reading but the value of relationships. Since we are all getting acquainted with one another, I think it is fair to say we need more time to learn what great things we all have to offer. I know there is good in each one of you, but I could not tell from the terrible display of behavior I just witnessed. It deeply saddens me that you would treat one of your classmates this way. Now, we will do an activity, so we can all learn the importance of being nice to one another. First, I want everyone to start by apologizing to Love.
Love smiles shyly as she stands before the class. The group of students says in unison, "I'm sorry, Love." “Thank you,” Love says quietly as she takes the short path that leads to her desk. She is glad to finally sit in her seat.
Mrs. Trotter continues, “Next, I want you to say one nice thing about the person sitting next to you. Tia, since you are in the front, we will start with you and go across the row to each person until we reach the back. Michael, since you are the last person in the back of the class, you will say something nice about Tia.”

Latiera Ford is a career HR Professional turned Author and Entrepreneur. Born
and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago, IL., she has always taken
pride in hard work and dedication.
Through news outlets, social media, family, and friends she noticed a lack of
sensitivity that children have today. This has led to an increase in
bullying, lack of positive self-image and acceptance, as well as
family issues. Upon discovering this powerful message that needed to
be addressed she decided to self-publish her first book entitled Baby
Love. This book provides children from ages 13 and up with a straight
forward approach to some of today’s most pressing issues. While
tackling the aforementioned issues plaguing some of our youth, it
also provides a direct approach on how they can be handled, while
also teaching lessons of love and kindness. Unlike the normal cookie
cutter children’s stories, this book is also honest to the core
with some of the real issues that exist within families across America.
Baby Love has proven to be a strong book for this Chicago Native, and is
destined to continue making waves throughout the literary scene.
While promoting this project, Latiera is currently in Atlanta looking
to further expand her brand through speaking engagements, press,
school, vendor events and more!

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