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Dating Down by Diane Louise - Book Tour

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Dating Down

Suddenly single and unexpectedly poor, it’s definitely safe to say that Alexis Harland is not living the life of her dreams.
Although she’s determined that nothing, not one little thing, will stop her return from poverty. Well, almost nothing. Her pride might get in the way a little. And possibly her family. And maybe the fact that she hasn’t got a clue where to start.
Many years ago, Alexis was swept away from life on a caravan park and introduced to a world of riches and glamour. All thanks to a wealthy man who married her, reinvented her… and then dumped her for a younger model at the first sign of cellulite.
Now Alexis is stranded, struggling to keep her head above water and her history a secret from her highbrow friends.
As if that isn’t enough for a woman to deal with, one night she comes home to find a sexy man has landed, quite literally, on her doorstep. A man hell-bent on testing everything Alexis thinks she knows about true happiness.
Caught between the life she knows and her blossoming love, can Alexis afford to let go of her unwavering pride, kiss her social status goodbye and accept that stepping back to square one is sometimes a huge leap forward?

Publication Date 30th August 

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5 - Falling for the poor man

“A Pink Flirtini for you, and a Cointreau MargaDita for me. Just don’t ask me what’s in it. Some idiot decided beer’s not right for an event such as this.” He takes a sip from his drink and winces. “If you ask me, this shit is wrong for any occasion.”
Gio’s nostrils flare, a feat I thought was history for her. “That idiot,” she hisses, “would be me.”
“Oh dear, in that case, I’m sorry I spoke out of turn. But still, why put on a party with no beer. You did know there were men coming, right?”
All Gio can do is stare at Bob with her jaw slack. “Do you know who I am?”
Bob shrugs.
“Can I suggest, Alexis,” she spits my name while glaring at an unruffled Bob, “that you inform your guest who I am, and who my husband is. While you’re at it, you can tell him that if he doesn’t like what is on offer here, there’s an old drinking man’s pub on the high street that will welcome his sort with open arms.” Clicking her fingers, she saunters off, the others following without a backwards glance.
A stunned silence falls between Bob and I before he guffaws and I snort through my nose.
“That is the first time anybody has ever spoken up to Gio,” I say between howls of laughter. “It was fabulous. God I wish I had a camera, if only to prove there are muscles in her face that still function properly.”
“What the hell is this place you’ve brought me to, Lex? And those people! What are they? Your friends?”
I wipe away a wayward tear of laughter with the back of my hand. “You know what the horrible, honest truth is? I have no idea.”
“Let’s drink up and get outta here,” Bob suggests. “That pub she mentioned sounds a lot better than this.”
I inspect the Martini glass in my hand. The liquid it contains could easily be confused with a windshield washer fluid. “I’ll be honest with you. Flat, warm, beer is much more appealing than this,” I say.
He holds his glass up to the light. “At least yours is clear; mine looks like a squirt of unicorn jizz.”
“To the old man’s boozer!” I declare before necking the contents of my glass and saying a silent prayer that I’ll live to tell the tale.
“To the boozer!” Bob repeats and also downs his drink in one.
I laugh and hook my arm through the crook of his. We’re making our way to the exit when Gio steps in our path.
“Oh, and Alexis, you haven’t forgotten the committee meetings are scheduled to begin again next month, have you? We were talking and feel you should host. Being as how you’ve been off grid for the last few months.”
Damn and blast, I’d forgotten about those. “Of course, Gio.” I smile sweetly. “I’m more than happy to host.”
“Wonderful. See you on Thursday, then.” She returns my smile with one even more sickly sweet. “And I should probably mention, we have a new member.”
“Yes, it’s Natalia.” She licks her lips, like a predator with her prey in site. “You don’t mind, do you? Now that you’ve also moved on to pastures new.”
My world orbits, and suddenly, downing that incandescent drink in one swoop doesn’t feel like such a good idea. I swallow hard, struggling to find an appropriately polite response that won’t have me kicked off the committee. If I lose that then I really do become nothing. “I am an adult, Gio,” I say. “Of course I can work with Natalia.”

Author Bio –
Diane Louise is a dairy farmer’s wife from the UK who doesn’t know a Holstein from a Hereford.
But what she does know is how to write a funny story. Three years ago she tried to write steamy romance and sucked at it. Honestly, her stiff upper lip made her heroes more wet blankets than wet dreams. With a steely determination to avoid milking the cows, she turned her hand to Romantic Comedy and a star was born. Well, in her mind at least.
Fancy getting to know the woman behind the words?
She hangs around Facebook daily, desperately avoiding housework, and loves nothing more than chatting to fellow lovers of Romantic Comedy over at Di’s Romantic Comedy Club. Or, if you don’t do Facebook, that’s cool, because she also sends a monthly email to her readers, making sure they never miss a new release and sharing behind the scene info about her books. You can join The Monthly Club here.

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