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End of Innocence by Romana Drew - Book Tour + Giveaway

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End of Innocence
by Romana Drew


Lenea's brother spends every clear night pointing a telescope at the same
stars. When she confronts him, he lets her look through the
telescope. A small sliver speck changes course, slows, and merges
with a larger silvery spot. 

In that brief moment, her life changes. Her brother spies on space aliens! 
Soon she learns the aliens have a settlement in the Kenned Valley, 
and that her boyfriend monitors their communications.

Then he disappears. 

What do they want, and can her world survive?

Just before he has to give up and go home broke, Captain Seddry finds the
perfect world. It is rich in ore, has a breathable atmosphere, and it
even has a reasonable climate — an ideal place for a new Langon
colony. The fuzzy natives won't be a problem. They don't have any
large weapons or even airplanes, making them too primitive to ever
find the mining colony hidden away in an isolated valley. Or so he thinks.

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He followed his family to the big amphitheater. They arrived late, and the only seats left were in the far back. The people on the stage looked like toys. Lannes put his head near Lenea's. “Psst, this is boring.”
“Duh, it would be better if Kefan were singing.”
“Only for you,” Lannes rolled his eyes. “I gotta pee.” He worked his way to the furthest restroom then sauntered back, keeping his eyes on the sky. Both moons hung in different parts of the sky almost full, obliterating all but the brightest stars.
A blue-white streak appeared high in the northwest and sped downward. It slowed, changed to fiery red, and dropped behind the hills. His heart pounded waiting for an explosion that never came. He spun all around searching the sky and the people. The moons hadn't moved, and all the people faced the stage as if nothing had happened.

Lenea pushed her way through the people to the door backstage.
She peeked into the green room. Kefan, dressed in light blue and white, stood in front of two men and two women in flowing purple robes. The director waved his baton, and the singers chanted aah aah aah up a third each time and back down.
She wanted to wish him luck but didn't dare interrupt. If she left, he'd never know she had come. Caution gave way. She ran to Kefan, kissed him on the lips, and sprinted off.
Giggles followed her out the door.

I live in California with my husband, and raise baby squirrels for a
wildlife care center. I could go into detail about my background and
education, but that is rather boring. Let me say that I am quiet,
love the outdoors, and never have enough time to do all the things I
want to do.

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