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My African Craving by Audrey Flynn - Book Blitz


My African Craving

by Audrey Flynn

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Inkspell


The Nights are Hotter in Africa...

When Erica Knight arrives in Lebombo Game Reserve for her first African safari she has no idea that her life is about to be changed forever.
As an executive for a mining company she believes that negotiating the mining rights for the Lebombo Reserve will be a slam-dunk, but she didn’t count on locking horns with the reserve’s enigmatic owner, Jean-Luc de Graaf.
In the heart of a wild African landscape full of beauty and danger, Erica and Jean-Luc both stubborn and passionate find themselves on opposite sides of an escalating conflict.
With the Reserve threatened by vicious poachers and runaway fires, they are thrown together unable to contain the scorching attraction between them.
Far away from the rat race of New York Erica feels the stirring of a different drum, ancient and irresistible.
But surrendering to the wild would mean she would have to submit to the powerful attraction to Jean-Luc and she isn’t ready to give up control just yet...

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A slight breeze stirred, and despite the fires, Erica found herself shivering in her thin sweater.
“I think I’ll just go back to my room and grab a jacket.”
She stood up, and so did Jean-Luc.
“Fine,” he said. “I’ll just grab my rifle.”
Erica had forgotten that because out past the dining area, the camp was unfenced, guests were forbidden to walk around alone after dark and had to be accompanied by an armed ranger. She picked up her backpack while Jean-Luc took his rifle out of its case.
“This way.” He ushered her out of the boma and onto the path toward her room.
She shuddered slightly as his hand touched the sensitive area of her upper arm. “Wait, what is that noise?” she asked.
They both paused mid-route. Across the still night, they stood motionless, and listened to a strange, throaty growling sound, followed by a kind of deep bark.
“Lions,” said Jean-Luc casually. “Sounds like they’re mating.”
“Really?” asked Erica. “I thought lions hunted at night.”
“Actually, during mating season, they will have sex for three days. For all of that time, they don’t hunt, or even sleep.
Don’t worry—they are actually quite far off. When lions are near, I can smell them. You are perfectly safe.”
Erica felt safe from the lions, with a six-foot-four armed ranger at her side. But was she safe from the ranger? Or more to the point, was she safe from the desire she felt building in her at every second?

Author Bio

As a rock singer Audrey has toured with the likes of Bryan Adams and Roxette. As a magazine writer she penned columns for ELLE magazine and Cosmopolitan and published a best-selling memoir.
She has had a lifelong love affair with spicy romances and classic whodunits. Based in the turbulent city of Johannesburg she shares her home with her highly -strung husband and two ridiculously awesome kids.
Since moving from Canada to South Africa as a child she has been entranced with the people and landscapes of this magnificent part of the world. Serving up steamy African themed romances is far more exciting than the school run and Audrey is happiest on safari, at sunset with a Gin & Tonic in hand.

Author website and social media links

Instagram: safari_romance

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