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The Rufford Rose by Margaret Lambert - Book Tour

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The Rufford Rose
by Margaret Lambert

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Summary: When gifted young woodcarver Cuthbert Watts is sent to assist in the building of a new hall in Lancashire in 1530 little does he realise what difficulties lie ahead. The Master builder, Abel, resents his presence, refusing to see his work whilst Abel’s apprentice, Will is a lazy, jealous young man who thwarts Cuthbert at every turn. Supported by his fellow workers Cuthbert perseveres and after saving his life, befriends the young son of the owner, another reason for Abel to hate him. What is the reason behind this animosity? What great secret dominates Abel and Will’s life to the extent that lives are threatened, jealousies grow and violence, arson, kidnap and murder are committed?

Set in the Lancashire countryside in the 16th century this is a story which combines the practical difficulties of building a Tudor Hall with the loves and jealousies of those involved. When will Abel realise the value of Cuthbert’s work, when will Will realise he is notwho he believes he is and can Cuthbert win the heartof the girl he loves. Follow Cuthbert through the trials and challenges of his new life and discoverwhether the hall can finally be completed.
Information about the book
Title: The Rufford Rose
Author: Margaret Lambert
Release Date: 4th September 2018
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Author Information
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Margaret  Lambert has  always lived in  Preston, Lancashire.  Married with two grown-up  sons, she trained as a Geography  teacher but also taught History and  Religious studies in secondary schools.  A member of the National Trust for nearly  fifty years, Lambert has volunteered as a guide  and conservationist at Rufford Old Hall for the past  thirteen years, during which time it has been extensively  renovated. 

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