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The Unrivalled Transcendence of Willem J. Gyle by J.D. Dixon - Guest Blogger Book Review

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In a Scotland beset with depression, Willem is one victim among many. He loses his job, his mother dies and he is forced out of the flat they shared. Seeing no other option, he takes to the streets of Edinburgh, where he soon learns the cruelty felt outside the confines of his comfortable life. Stories from his past are interwoven with his current strife as he tries to figure out the nature of this new world and the indignities it brings. Determined to live freely, he leaves Edinburgh, hiking into the Scottish Highlands to seek solitude, peace and an unhampered, pure vision of life at nature’s breast.

The Unrivalled Transcendence of Willem J. Gyle is at once a lyrical, haunting novel and a set piece in the rage of an oppressed, forgotten community. J. D. Dixon’s sparse, brutal language captures the energy and isolation of desperation, uniting despondency and untrammelled anger in the person of his protagonist. 

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Jennifer's Review
It’s a good book about a man named Willem who one day loses his mother and later loses his dog. He heads out on an adventure. Where he goes he does not know. 
The author narrates Willem’s day to day things. Willem soon meets people and starts doing things that are bad because he just does not care about the world anymore. What he does could result in jail time, but does he ever get captured? What bad things is he doing? What happens in the end to him? 
I think this is a good book and would give it 3 stars.

Author Bio
J. D. Dixon was born in London in 1990. He studied English Literature and History at Goldsmiths College, University of London, before pursuing a career as a writer. He currently lives with his wife, the psychologist Dr Lauren Hadley, in Edinburgh.

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