An Armful of Animals
by Malcolm Welshman

Malcolm D. Welshman has had a lifetime filled with exciting encounters with animals. 
As a lad in Nigeria, he is attacked by soldier ants and terrified by a snake in his treehouse. 
His treasured companion, Poucher, an African bush dog, prevents him and his mother from being 
savaged by baboons.

Once qualified as a vet Malcolm has to attempt life-saving surgery on his beloved parrot. 
On a road trip across the Sahara, there is a tussle with a lame camel and the operation on an 
Ostrich gored by an antelope.

Settling back in West Sussex in England, he tackles a cow that’s got stuck in a tree, wily cats and 
battles with cunning badgers and baby bats.

He shares all these fascinating experiences in this gently humorous memoir that will guarantee to tug 
at the heart strings while bringing a smile to your face. Anyone who loves animals will be enchanted 
and enthralled.

Information about the book
Title: An Armful of Animals
Author:  Malcolm Welshman
Release Date: 31st August 2018
Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Midas Touch Books

My Review
An Armful of Animals is a sweet, lovely read about the author's childhood, his plethora of pets, and his calling to become a vet and help other animals. 
Each story is about a different animal (his pet dog, Poucher; his grey parrot; etc), and I really enjoyed the little snippets into how they both enriched the author's life and helped him realize he was meant to be a vet, helping animals in any way he could.
There's a lot of heart and emotion in the book, and anyone who loves reading about animals will enjoy this.
I give An Armful of Animals 4 stars.

Author Information
Malcolm Welshman is a retired vet and author. He was the My Weekly vet for 15 years and has written many 
features for magazines such as She, The Lady, The People’s Friend, Cat World, Yours, and newspapers such as 
The Sunday Times and the Daily Mail. He is the author of three pet novels, the first of which, Pets in a Pickle, 
reached number two on Kindle’s bestseller list. His third novel, Pets Aplenty, was a finalist for The People’s 
Book Prize 2015. A memoir, An Armful of Animals, was published in September 2018; and through a collection 
of twenty stories tells how animals have shaped his life as a vet. 
Malcolm is also an international speaker on cruise ships, a regular BBC Radio Somerset panellist, 
and a bi-monthly contributor to a local community radio, Keep 106 in Dorset.

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