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Guess My Name with Veggies and Fruits by Liana Strat - Book Tour & Review

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Guess My Name with Veggies and Fruits by Liana Strat
Help your little ones learn about fruits and vegetables with this delightful illustrated children's book, written by childcare expert Liana Strat.
These friendly faces will make new foods fun and engaging for young children.
Information about the book
Title: Guess My Name with Veggies and Fruits
Author: Liana Strat
Release Date: 2nd October 2018
Genre: Picture Book
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

My Review
Guess My Name with Veggies and Fruits is a super adorable children's picture book that teaches kids about the different varieties of fruits and veggies. The illustrations are colorful, and the book itself is easy to read. I liked that there were a couple of unique options mentioned, such as kiwi and green bean (I usually don't see those in kid's books), and I enjoyed reading this story with my super picky 3 1/2 year old son. He loves most fruits, but veggies are another story. Hopefully this book has helped convince him that veggies are fun to eat too.

Author Information
Liana Strat is a Nanny with a Degree in Environment Protection, currently living and working in London. Originally from Romania, she moved to United Kingdom following a career in Childcare, after realising her passion for children. Inspired by the multitude of experiences encountered in this field and with a strong desire to give parents an extra tool for a good food education, she followed the path of writing.

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