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Half-Blood Descendant by Natasha Brown - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Half-Blood Descendant
Half-Bloods: A Paranormal Series
Book One
Natasha Brown

Genre: Paranormal/Supernatural Suspense

Publisher: Future Impressions

Date of Publication: Sept 23rd 2018

ISBN: 978-1722836917

Number of pages: estimated 250
Word Count: 76k

Cover Artist: Natasha Brown

Tagline: Shifters live in secret. They’re not the only ones.

Book Description:

USA TODAY bestselling author Natasha Brown blends urban fantasy, paranormal romance and supernatural suspense in the Half-Bloods, an adventure for lovers of shifters, vampires... and more.

Jax never stays anywhere long enough to put down roots. He’s a shapeshifter—the only one of his kind, or so he thinks. While prowling on his landlady’s property, he is stunned to find a man feeding on her neck. Although he frightens away the blood-sucker, Jax leaves behind a paralyzed woman and a trail of blood in his wake.

Aerilyn teaches high school and doubles as a guardian for the Genus Society, an ancient underground shifter organization. After learning of a cougar attack in her own mountain neighborhood, she suspects a rogue shifter is to blame.

When the Society accuses Jax of the “animal attack,” he is ordered to stick around until he can clear his name. Desperate to regain his freedom, he must put his trust in his beautiful guardian. Their forbidden attraction leads Aerilyn to wonder if the blue-eyed drifter is innocent. And if he is, the Society has an even bigger problem on its hands—one that feeds on blood.



Aerilyn pulled
off her jacket and set it on the ground. Next, she slipped off her shoes and
unbuttoned her jeans. A cold breeze whistled through the valley, raising
goosebumps on her arms as she pulled her V-neck off. She held the fabric to her
chest and hunched away from the wind.
When it died
down, she dropped her shirt onto her growing pile of clothes. She rested her
hand against one of the aspens to brace herself while she took off her socks
and happened to glance back at her companion. Jax was down to his underwear,
standing in the moonlight. Dark lines adorned his back, forming what appeared
to be an intricate tattoo, one she couldn’t see well enough from her vantage
point. She could, however, see how muscular he was. As he tugged at the
waistband of his boxers, she blushed and looked away, reminding herself he
would be gone as soon as her father allowed him to leave town.

She didn’t waste
any time removing the last of her clothing and stood among the pale aspen
trunks, calling to the energy at her core. It surged through her pores, chasing
away all visible marking of her humanity until none was left. Aerilyn took a
deep breath and stepped out from behind the trees.

About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author Natasha Brown's imagination has always been a distraction. The books she read in the dark past bedtime fed her excitement for fantasy worlds. Once she started writing, there was no stopping her. By day, Natasha’s an assistant teacher at an elementary school, and by night she’s a book cover designer. Her weekends are spent writing and spending time with family.


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