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Nature Vs. Nurture by Glyn Williams - Book Tour

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Title: Nature Vs. Nurture

Author: Glyn Williams


Synopsis: Alex Kane is a young, handsome & successful man living happily in Chicago Illinois. At this point in his life Alex has everything going for him, he has a good job managing his dad’s plumbing store, loving parents & grandparents who raised him to be a good kind-hearted man. He has several good friends especially his oldest and best friend Jacob; his charms have always drawn in the ladies but Alex only has eyes for one a beautiful nurse named Jessica from Sacred Island General Hospital where he volunteers. Alex has lived a truly blessed life but has always felt out of place like there was something separating him from other people and for good reason. A series of tragic events brings out a dark soul crushing secret kept from Alex by the people he trusts most since the day he was born, in a single moment Alex’s ideal life is thrown upside down causing him to question not just his life but the whole of creation and his place in it. Sent down a dark and dangerous path, Alex’s family & friends must race to find and stop him, they make it their mission to save Alex from himself before it’s too late both for them and for the world.

Author Bio: My name is Glyn Williams; I am twenty five years old and from South Wales. All my life I’ve been the type of person who never quite knew what the future held for them, I always thought I’d just deal with what came my way but a few years ago something came my way I never expected. My vision began to decline and after several months of testing I was diagnosed with genetic Optic Nerve Atrophy leaving me visually impaired to a degree. At that time a lot changed for me in a negative way, feeling down and useless I began to think of things I could do to show I still have some worth. Over the years many ideas had crossed my mind so I decided to start writing a book, at first it was just for my own sense of accomplishment but the more I wrote the more I enjoyed it and my family urged me to consider getting it published. Part of me never thought it would happen but much to my surprise people seemed to like my story, suddenly I had achieved something great for the first time in my life and although I still have personal issues I struggle with I no longer feel completely useless.

Release Date: September 13, 2018

Guest Post: I began writing in October 2016, at first I treated writing very casually as I never thought it would come to anything. My condition was what got me started writing but when it came to thinking of a story worth writing, I’ve always been a fan of dark stories as I think these stories are more realistic due to the world being quite a dark place at times. I wanted my main character to be flawed, not to be a superhero figure as I think complex dark individuals are far more interesting and relatable. I am not religious myself but I thought it would be the basis of a great story due to its powerful characters and other-worldly elements, once I came up with a basic story idea I thought of a way to create a universe where science & religion could coexist and make sense. Then I thought to myself what people and beings would and could exist in this universe and how could they connect with each other and fit into the story? Over time small and big ideas came into my mind which I made sure to write down so they wouldn’t be forgotten. Eventually I took those ideas and arranged them into an order that would make a good story, something else I did was try to include as many actual things from major world religions as I could to both educate the reader and link the world in the story together.

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