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On A White Horse by Cathy Phelan-Watkins - Book Tour

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On A White Horse
by Cathy Phelan-Watkins
The story of a real-life relationship.

On a White Horse charts the story of the relationship between two people, Cathy a struggling artist and Dan, a burgeoning entrepreneur and publisher, how they met by chance in a pub off Carnaby Street in the early 1990s and how their relationship was to flourish for nearly a quarter of a century until Dan’s untimely death from bowel cancer at the age of fifty eight.

Information about the book
Title: On a White Horse
Author:  Cathy Phelan-Watkins
Release Date: 23rd October 2018
Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
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Amazon Link:

Author Information
Cathy Phelan-Watkins was born in Portsmouth in 1963.  She studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College; her work has been exhibited at galleries across the UK including at Tate St Ives, where she has served on the advisory board and as chair of the Tate St Ives members committee, working to further public engagement and understanding of contemporary art.  She is director of Civil Society Media, the leading publisher within the charity sector. In 2016 the film maker Peter Bach made a documentary about the creation of the horse, After Daniel She  lives and  works in Clapham.  

Tour Schedule

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Tuesday 23rd October

Wednesday 24th October

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Sunday 28th October

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