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Pictures in the Sky by Amanda Paull - Book Tour

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Pictures in the Sky
She gave up on romance years ago. He’s going through the motions. Their lives change forever when he makes contact out of the blue. 

With her daughter leaving the nest, Michelle Cameron would rather spend her time with good friends, a glass of fizzy and a box set, than with another idiot bloke chipping away at her self-esteem. But when childhood friend Daniel Helmsley gets back in touch, the years roll away on a tide of laughter and friendship, which soon gives way to another roller coaster of love, excitement and panic. Can Michelle let herself trust again? What if Dan is just another idiot bloke, disillusioned with the present and nostalgic for the past?

If you like cosy romance that makes you laugh as well as cry, then you’ll love this feel-good tale of past disappointment, renewed friendship and finding true love. 
Download Amanda Paull’s Pictures in the Sky today to discover if Michelle dares to love again.

‘Your lively style and humour are exactly right for this genre.’ Susan Davis.

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Author Q&A

1.     What inspires your book ideas?
Real life, with a dose of humour and embellishment. My debut novel, Pictures in the Sky, is fictional but was inspired by my own experience of bringing up my daughter alone. Like Michelle, the main character, I tried to do the best I could as a working single-parent, without going crazy. My short stories are inspired by some of the farcical shenanigans that occurred when I first introduced my husband to my family.

2. What does your husband think about your writing?
He’s amazing. He’s not particularly a fan of women’s fiction, but he painstakingly reads my stories for me and is so encouraging. He’s an optimistic Piscean, which compliments my Scorpio ‘Grim reaper’ nature – my daughter’s opinion, not mine – perfectly. Sometimes, when I don’t even appear to have a glass, he makes me see that I do and that it’s actually half-full. He’s kind of like Dan, the main male character in Pictures, in that we met when we were children and then got together in middle age. But, unlike Dan, he is very loyal.

3. Who inspires you to write and why?
Marian Keyes. She writes with wonderful humour, but her stories are fundamentally about serious topics. One day I would like to write as well as she does, and make people laugh as much as she makes me laugh. I also love reading Jenny Éclair novels. They’re wonderful – funny, serious, dark, disturbing at times, and always with a twist. I still have so much to learn. At the moment, I need to get to grips with the art of concise writing – I have a tendency to ramble on... I’ll get there eventually – just this week I’ve chopped 3,000 words from Pictures in the Sky.

4. What do you like about your main character, Michelle?
She’s normal. Like a lot of women of my generation, Michelle tries to do the right thing in life and be the pest person she can be to everyone around her, but she’s had to endure more than her fair share of knocks along the way. Since her daughter, Sara, was born, all Michelle has wanted to do is to keep Sara safe and sound and instil much more confidence into her than she herself has ever had. Like many mothers in her situation, Michelle puts herself last and she’s is quite worn out. Unfortunately, when the chance of happiness finally comes along, it has strings attached.

5. Where did the inspiration from Sara come from?
My own lovely daughter. We love each other dearly and are very close, but we also bicker a lot. There are some scenes where Sara is furious with Michelle for acting in a way she has always told her was wrong. I think I overdid it a bit because, when I had a professional read-through, the reader thought that Sara was absolutely horrible. I felt a bit guilty because my daughter had already complained that I’d made Sara’s character nasty, but I’d insisted she was overreacting. I had to edit her scenes…

6. Would you like to share a favourite moment from your writing career so far?
A good while after I had self-published the first two Scott Family Short Stories, I received an email from someone in Texas who claimed to have enjoyed reading them. They offered to read and review Pictures in the Sky when it was finished too. Obviously, I thought it was a scam – I mean, I might like writing, but surely, no-one else would choose to read my stories? And, my debit card had recently been cloned and there was no way I was about to fall victim to another fraudster. However, they turned out to be genuine. I felt – and still feel – absolutely thrilled that someone I didn’t know had not only read my stories, but also taken the time to review them and write to me with such a lovely compliment.

Author Bio –
Amanda Paull is a writer of humorous romantic fiction. She lives in the North East of England with her husband and works in the public sector. The inspiration for her stories comes from real life, which she tries to show the funnier side of by embellishing to the hilt.

Amanda's Website:

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