Friday, October 5, 2018

Recollections of a Racketeer by Patrick Lane - Guest Blogger Book Review

Patrick Lane's obsession with drugs began in his early teens. Nineteenth-century French literature introduced him to a world of hashish, opium and absinthe, which he saw as a way of escaping his boring suburban English existence. Unable to find any hashish as a schoolboy in north London, he went to Morocco for supplies. Between school and university, he hitched around America in the mid-1960s, taking LSD with Timothy Leary. After teaming up with Howard Marks, they smuggled suitcases of hashish out of Afghanistan and Pakistan into Europe and VW campers filled with hashish from Lebanon into California.

During the course of his extraordinary career, he witnessed revolution in Afghanistan, an unsuccessful coup in Greece, the preservation of the monarchy in Nepal and illicit arms deals with Saddam Hussein. Along the way, he befriended Wall Street bankers, Mafia dons (and Oxford dons), hashish-eating goats, dissolute English lords and French peasants.

Recollections of a Racketeer is a rollicking and at times hilarious tale of a life lived on the wrong side of the law.

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Jennifer's Review
It's an okay book to read. 
It's basically about a man named Patrick who narrates his memoirs and what his life was like growing up. He did a lot of crime -- drug smuggling & racketeering -- and he talks about his friends and family, and at the end he tells what happened to all his friends. 
I give this book 2 stars. 

Author Bio
Patrick Lane was born in London in 1946. He was found guilty of drug-smuggling in 1988 and served two years in prison in the US. Now a full-time writer, he divides his time between France and America.

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