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Redneck's Revenge by Joan Livingston - Book Tour + Giveaway

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 Redneck’s Revenge
Her next case. She’s in it for good.

Isabel Long is in a funk months after solving her first case. Her relationship with the Rooster Bar’s owner is over. Then the cops say she must work for a licensed P.I. before working solo.

Encouraged by her ‘Watson’ — her 92-year-old mother  — Isabel snaps out of it by hooking up with a P.I. and finding a new case.

The official ruling is Chet Waters, an ornery so-and-so, was passed out when his house caught fire. His daughter, who inherited the junkyard, believes he was murdered. Topping the list of suspects are dangerous drug-dealing brothers, a rival junkyard owner, and an ex-husband.
Could the man’s death simply be a case of redneck’s revenge? Isabel is about to find out.
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Jazzy Book Reviews: Redneck’s Revenge Excerpt
 In this scene, Isabel is persuaded by her 92-year-old mother — her ‘Watson’ — to have dinner at the Rooster, the only bar in town where she used to work part-time as a bartender. She lost that job and her romance with Jack, the owner, for reasons connected to her first case. (I don’t want to spoil it for readers.) This is the first time, Isabel, who still has the hots for Jack, sees him again.

The jukebox is playing something by Willie Nelson when my mother and I enter the Rooster Bar and Grille. It’s a little after five, of course, because I still haven’t gotten my mother to eat later than that. I’m not a fan of early dinners, but it makes Ma happy, and really, it isn’t too much to ask of me. Coming to the Rooster may be pushing it, however. Three months ago, I would’ve been stationed behind the bar, popping the caps off Buds and chatting with the customers. Jack and I would be carrying on a friendly banter, flirting, and dancing a little. It was strictly fun for adults. I did try to stay clear of his sister, which tells me my instincts were right on.
In the Rooster’s parking lot, I gave Ma a chance to turn back. I even offered to drive her to the city if she wanted to eat out so badly.
“That’s not what I had in mind,” she said, and then she tried to distract me with, “Oh, look at all those snowmobiles.”
Snap out of it, Isabel. You ain’t in junior high, and Jack’s not your first crush.
Ma chooses a window table. I’m helping her with her coat when Jack hustles from the kitchen with a plate of food in each hand. He notices me, I’m sure. I know from firsthand experience you see everything and everybody from behind that bar. Jack keeps moving toward a table at the other end of the room. He’s working solo. Even with this early crowd, he’s super busy. That’s why he hired me. Four hands are better than two in a busy bar.
Would I come back to work at the Rooster? What do you think? In a heartbeat, but only if Jack and I could continue where we left off, without his nasty sister, of course.
I glance around the place. It isn’t as full as I recall for a Friday, but then again there’s no band tonight. I recognize all the True Blue Regulars who come here straight from work if they have jobs in the middle of winter. For the most part, they’re friendly guys who’d rather be drinking here than at home. I’ve already gotten a few waves and a lot more curious stares.
I spot a hand-written sign tacked to a post that says the Cowlicks are playing next Friday. Beneath the words MUSIC IS BACK someone scribbled, “It’s about fucking time.” Before that whole mess happened, the Cowlicks were the unofficial house band at the Rooster, playing that crowd-pleasing mix of country, rock ’n’ roll, and a bit of blues once a month. They had every danceable Lynyrd Skynyrd tune in their repertoire. On the other weeks, Jack managed to draw other bands, most with the same repertoire. They got one shot to impress him and the Rooster’s music fans. The last band to play here was called the Hunters and Gatherers because it was the middle of shotgun season, an irony I enjoyed.
Then all hell broke loose two days later.
My mother leans forward.
“You look nervous, Isabel,” she says.
“I am nervous, Ma.”
“Do you want to leave?”
I glance behind her as Jack walks our way. I bite my lip.
“Too late for that, Ma,” I mutter. “Incoming.”

Author Bio –
Joan Livingston is the author of novels for adult and young readers. Redneck’s Revenge, published by Crooked Cat Books, is the second in the mystery series featuring Isabel Long, a long-time journalist who becomes an amateur P.I. The first is Chasing the Case.

An award-winning journalist, she started as a reporter covering the hilltowns of Western Massachusetts. She was an editor, columnist, and most recently the managing editor of The Taos News, which won numerous state and national awards during her tenure.

After eleven years in Northern New Mexico, Joan returned to rural Western Massachusetts, which is the setting of much of her adult fiction, including the Isabel Long series. 
Social Media Links –
Twitter: @joanlivingston 
Litsy: JoanLivingston

Giveaway – Win a paperback copy of Redneck’s Revenge (Open Internationally)
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