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Surviving Moose Lake by Karl Steam - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Getting placed in a lousy group for a class assignment is bad enough, but it’s a thousand times worse when you get stranded in the wilderness with that group. Will Josh and three of his sixth-grade classmates have the skills they need to survive the wilderness? Will they all make it home alive?

Surviving Moose Lake is the first book of the Kids vs. Nature series. It provides an entertaining mixture of danger, adventure, factual information, and life lessons that are best learned in the great outdoors—far away from adults and school classrooms.

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Jennifer's Review
It's a cute, short book that kids will love to read.
It's about four elementary school kids who are doing a science project. One girl wants to cheat, so she makes the boy named Tyler use a smartphone, and he finds an app, and when he accepts the terms, they find themselves in the woods and are told their first mission is to shoot a moose.
That means get a photo, so when they do, they are returned to the classroom.
The second book will be their second mission. 
5 stars. 

Author Bio
Previously a junior high school teacher, Karl Steam is now the author of the Kids vs. Nature series. Other works include Purple Pup and How Santa Changed. He lives in the Upper Midwest, with his wife and four children.

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