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Tatiana by Rose Flynn - Book Tour

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Title: Part 1: Tatiana

Author: Rose Flynn

Series: Broken Winged Angel Series

Genre: Thriller/ Dark Romance

Publisher: Self Published

Release Date: June 21 2018



When nursing student Jane graduated a semester early and returned home for Christmas break she expected to spend the time visiting her depressed mother, who developed a nasty drug habit after the death of Jane’s father. Jane was instead greeted by her mother being held at gunpoint by her drug dealer “Big Daddy.” In a desperate attempt to save her mother’s life, Jane agrees to work off her mother’s debt as one of Big Daddy’s “entertainers.”

In an instant, Big Daddy has taken everything from Jane including her family, her name and her freedom. As Jane adjusts to her new life as Tatiana, the sex worker, she desperately attempts to hold on to her identity, dignity and any semblance of safety or normalcy. She struggles to navigate the dynamics of living and working with the other girls and how best to cope with servicing the club patrons. Will Jane survive and continue to recognize the woman she sees in the mirror each day?

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Candy grabbed my hand and turned it over in her palm examining it.
“What do you think made you snap out like that?” she asked.
“Honestly it probably had more to do with seeing Broderick. I still fucking hate that guy. 
It just reminded me of everything all at once. My mom, my dad, my family abandoning me, 
just how fucked up this place is. Like I was in my routine. I had a certain level of acceptance 
of this in some ways. Then he brought back all that fear... and so did Chuchi and it just made 
me so fucking angry.”
“Well hopefully that bitch will back off for some time now. Remind me not to get on your bad 
side Tatiana,” said Sugar.
She walked off towards the dormitory, placing her headphones over her ears as she went.
“I think I might have freaked her out,” I said.
“I think she’s just shocked is all. You gotta remember none of us are exactly strangers to 
violence. We get it from Big Daddy, from the clients, from our pasts.”
“Should I go check on Chuchi?”
“The fuck T? No. She’s a prideful person. The last thing she wants is for you, the person who 
just wiped the floor with her and basically confirmed her worst fear that she’s utterly 
replaceable to go help her.”
“Alright...I just feel kinda she really didn’t actually stand a chance.”
“I mean wasn’t that the point? She acts all tough, threatens you, you literally make her back 
off. Honestly I’m glad you did it. I’m glad that you don’t need me to protect you all the time. 
I hope you stay G.I. Jane. I think with this new curtain shit you might need her.”
“You might be right...Does this change the way you look at me?” I asked.
“A little. I feel like you can look after yourself a little more. You’re not just my sweet, 
innocent Tati. I hope to never be on the receiving end of whatever that was. I wish you were 
a little rougher with the clients here that try to disrespect you...but then again you have to be 
able to make money. T...this wasn’t just an act though was it?”
“What do you mean an act?” I asked.
“Your whole wide eyed virginal farm girl thing...well college girl? You were not just trying to
fly under the radar or any shit like that?” asked Candy.
“No of course not Candy! Why would I fake that? I’m not like a psycho or something...
I just have some anger problems...I’m surprised more of us don’t.”
“Well I think we all do it just comes out in different ways...most of the girls around here use 
drugs or drink. You just bash people’s faces in. Sugar loses herself to dance. 
I also bash people’s faces in.”
“This must be why we are friends...we’re both just fucking bat-shit crazy.”
“I think we all are...but come on Kid it’s way past all our bed times.”
“Ugh Chuchi probably is going to try to chop off my hair...”

Part I Tatiana is the first novel in Rose Flynn's debut series Broken Winged Angel. Rose Flynn has had a passion for writing since she was 12 years old. She grew up in Yonkers, New York and attended college and graduate school in Pennsylvania. She currently lives in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia with her husband and two cats.

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Instagram  @flynn.rose22
Twitter  @RoseFly71067571

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