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Ten After Closing by Jessica Bayliss - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Ten After Closing
by Jessica Bayliss

YA Thriller

10PM: Closing time at Café Flores. The door should be locked, but it
isn't, Scott Bradley and Winsome Sommervil are about to become hostages.

TEN MINUTES BEFORE CLOSING: Scott's girlfriend breaks up with him in the
café's basement storeroom because he's late picking her up for the
big end-of-the-year party. Now he can't go to the party, but he can't
go home, either--not knowing his dad will still be in a drunken rage.
Meanwhile, Winny wanted one night to let loose, away from her
mother's crushing expectations. Instead, she's stranded at the café
after her best friend ditches her in a misguided attempt at matchmaking. 

TEN MINUTES AFTER CLOSING: The first gunshot is fired. Someone's dead.
And if Winny, Scott, and the rest of the hostages don't come up with
a plan soon, they may not live to see morning.

Told from both Winny and Scott's perspectives, and alternating between the
events leading up to and following the hold-up, Ten After Closing is
an explosive story of teens wrestling with their own challenges,
thrown into circumstances that will test their very limits.

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TEN AFTER CLOSING was a book of firsts for me. My first YA. My first thriller. My first time playing with structure (TAC is told from the middle out in diverging timelines). It was the fifth book I wrote, but when I entered it into a writing competition, it earned me my first ever chance to be mentored. And, the best moment of all, when I sent it out to the agents who requested it, TEN AFTER CLOSING became the first book to result in an agent voicemail on my phone.
Firsts is a great way to think about Winny’s and Scott’s stories in this book. They’re two soon-to-be graduates who are facing the new in life and aren’t quite sure how they feel about that. Even before armed gunmen change everything for them when they enter Café Flores just minutes after closing time, Winny and Scott are people taking first steps toward becoming different people.
Sometimes it takes the unimaginable to learn who we really are.
But, don’t go away from this note thinking TAC is only about their personal journeys; this book is a strap-in and hold-on-for-the-ride kind of read. From the moment I began plotting TEN AFTER CLOSING, I had two big things on my author checklist: deliciously tense life-or-death moments and lots of swoony romance. Mission accomplished.
As my debut novel, TEN AFTER CLOSING still has plenty of first-moments in store for me. Like Scott and Winny, I’m now facing the new and taking my own unimaginable ride. Unlike my characters, though, I know exactly how I feel about it—I’m loving every single minute.

Jessica Bayliss is a fiction author with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology who
loves all things reading and writing. Author of the young adult
horror novella, BROKEN CHORDS, and her upcoming YA thriller, TEN
AFTER CLOSING (Sky Pony Press, September 2018), she has been a
lover thrillers and ghost tales since her days scanning VHS rental
shelves—admittedly with eyes half-averted from the gory covers. She
also loves to eat, cook, and exercise—in that order—and is a firm
believer that coffee makes the world a better place.

She has authored thirteen novels and several short stories that appear in
CHRISTMAS, and ZOMBIE CHUNKS and in such literary magazines as
Sanitarium Magazine. Jessica is a Senior Editor for Allegory Magazine.

In the psychology world, she has more than fifteen years of experience
and training in the cognitive-behavioral model. She’s a
psychotherapist, a teacher, and a researcher. One day it hit her: Why
not combine writing and psychology? Just like that, PsychWRITE, her
series of lectures, workshops, and coaching services for writers was
born. Her blog features motivational posts for writers that combine
her passion for writing with her love of psychology.

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