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The Warhouse Industry by William Macbeth - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Once there was a man.

When the man was a boy he killed a duck. He called the duck Peter, but it was too late. The duck was dead.

He got a job at a pie factory. Not a great job, but they didn’t ask too many questions, which was the main thing. He didn’t last long there, and left quietly without telling anyone.

The man is trying not to draw attention to himself.

He settled for a career in the warehouse industry. One day there was a delivery of cheap pillows, but the worst was yet to come.

The worst is always yet to come. 

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Jennifer's Review 
It was an okay book. 
It's about a young man who is trying not to draw attention to himself by hiding. His brother soon comes to check up on him and so the young man starts narrating the story of his brother's wedding, his brother's friends, and what they did with their lives. 
Later, they are grown up, and what the man does to the two friends of his brother is shocking. 
I give this book 2 stars.

Author Bio
William Macbeth is a writer. He has written a book called The Warehouse Industry. And other things too, if you’re interested. He has brown hair and, while not exactly tall, is certainly above average height. He lives in London, in a house.

William Macbeth has never won any prizes, raffles, or competitions of any kind.

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