Ruschelle Dillon's Arithmophobia Blog Tour
November 5-12, 2018

Get ready for a great blog tour featuring Ruschelle Dillon! Arithmophobia is a very creative and unique collection of tales that centers around the magical, mysterious impact of numbers! This collection spans a number of genres, including dark humor, mystery, thriller, and horror!

About the author: Ruschelle Dillon is a freelance writer whose efforts focus on the dark humor and the horror genres. Ms. Dillon’s brand of humor has been incorporated in a wide variety of projects, including the irreverent blog Puppets Don’t Wear Pants and novelette “Bone-sai”, as well as the live-action video shorts “Don’t Punch the Corpse” and “Mothman”. She also interviews authors for the Horror Tree website.

Her short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and online zines.

Ruschelle lives in Johnstown with her husband Ed and the numerous critters they share their home with. When she isn’t writing, she can be found teaching guitar and performing vocals and guitar in the band Ribbon Grass.

Book Synopsis for Artithmophobia: Adam is a young preacher, with a loving wife and a child on the way. His family, his congregation, and his affinity for one particular science fiction movie are enough to keep him happy with his life. But when a new member of that congregation begins to haunt him at seemingly the worst possible moments, he begins to question the weight of his life’s responsibilities. Can he handle being “the one” – the one so many look to in times of need?

Detective Oswald Quinn is not so happy with life. His marriage has not turned out quite as happy as Adam’s, but his responsibilities have become just as heavy. The latest of these burdens have led him to the investigation of a serial killer who seems to seek perfection in the number 3.

Meanwhile, Scott seems completely unburdened by responsibility, save for his endless pursuit for a full glass at the bar. The drinks should be flowing freely on May 5, or “Cinco de Mayo”. But on this date, Scott discovers a failure much more haunting than an unquenchable thirst.

Arithmophobia is a collection of short stories that leads you on a journey to consider the sometimes haunting, sometimes humorous impact of numbers. Whether it be the value we assign to our lot in life, a date on a calendar, or the numerical magic that mother-nature can offer, Arithmophobia’s nine stories examine the magic and mystery that begins at the intersection of life and a single digit.

Humor and Horror: The Writer’s Bastard Child

By Ruschelle Dillon

Writing a humorous horror story is an art form. The bad news is that purists of the horror genre believe giggles have no place in the dark realm. The good news? We have many fabulous examples in both writing and film that say otherwise.

From modern films such as Scream and Shaun of the Dead to the classic tome from Washington Irving The Legend of Sleepy Hollow to the short story collective Arithmophobia by this hot chick Ruschelle Dillon (shut up it’s my blog post), we love to be scared when it's tempered with a solid laugh.

Humor and horror go together like fleas and the plague. Like Michael Myers and his sister (or IS she?) Laurie Strode. Like Father Karis and pea soup. Well, you get my meaning. Sure they're both great on their own, but bastardize the two and you spew something from your loins that is…magical.

When done correctly, the humor and horror elements enhance the reader’s experience. Readers finish the book not caring about the genre; they only care that what they just finished reading was GOOD.

My first story ever was Bone Sai. It was about a murderous, zombified penis, mutated from an ant bite infected by nuclear fallout. The dirty bugger launched itself from its host and murdered everyone - monkeys included - , that crossed his groin…err…path. The trouser snake even attempted to kill its host prompting the man to consider…amputation. Oh yeah. I went there.

A story about a man with a killer penis cannot and should not be taken seriously. Ergo the funny. But the funny should not overpower the horror. Not every paragraph should include a punchline. You want the story to be funny but not a joke.

Because I’m oh so funny (and I know I am because my mom told me so) I have cobbled together some humor-infused writing prompts. These will nuggets are perfect to get your humor on. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

You’re welcome.

Digging up Mommy

Children of a Lesser Corn
      The Monster that    Wouldn’t Come Out of  the Closet

Black Cats- Racist Witches

    Eating for Two -You and Your Tapeworm

I Sold My Soul for a Kia Optima (Better Gas Mileage)

The Sandwich that Wouldn’t Be Eaten

Why Black isn't Always Beautiful (The story of  Frostbite)

Why Grilled Cheese will NEVER Talk

Grammy put Pappy in a Home Because He's Going to Die... and I Helped! (A children’s book)

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