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Blog Hiatus...but for a good reason!

By 10:56 PM

So...Jazzy Book Reviews is going on hiatus for a few days.

Yep, I did say hiatus. But it is only for a few days. I'll only be gone until Sunday. That's when thee regularly scheduled posts will start back up again. 


Okay, now that that's out of the way, there is a reason I'm going on hiatus. Tomorrow, the 22nd, is Thanksgiving, and since I'm hosting the holiday dinner at my house, I will not be on at all tomorrow.

Friday, the 23rd, I'm getting married. Say what?! It's Doctor Who themed, hence my overuse of the gifs in this post. Yay for Doctor Who!

So, yeah. And then Saturday, the 24th, is my "I need to recover from the reception" day, so I will be staying offline. But come Sunday, I'll be back to posting again. :)

 I hope you guys enjoy your holiday, if you celebrate, and if not, have a fantastic weekend. 

Thanks for understanding! 

~ Jasmine

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