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Earth Quarantined by D.L. Richardson - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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It’s release day for Earth Quarantined, a new alien occupation fiction novel by the author of Welcome to the Apocalypse.

If you like alien occupation fiction, then this book is for you. It’s like ‘The Expanse’ but played out on Earth. Aliens brought peace to Earth and promised us the
technology for interstellar travel. 300 years later and they still haven't
given us this technology. They're lying to us. What they don’t know is that
we’re lying to them...

Book Description:

World peace came with rules. We’ve just broken them.

In the year 2055, millions of humans
were wiped out by a deadly virus known as EMB-II, a bioweapon strain of Ebola
that could not be stopped. The need to get off the planet and into space was
never stronger. Before the ships could be launched, First Contact was made. A
dozen spaceships arrived, carrying twelve Criterion Advocates – peacekeepers of
the universe – and thousands of Criterion soldiers, aides, workers, and
engineers. To stop the virus getting into space, Earth was placed under
quarantine and work begun to save the planet and humanity. Through tough
control measures, world peace was achieved.

The year is now 2355. The virus is gone. Humanity is eager to get into space. Yet the Earth is still under quarantine. The Criterion are lying to us. What they don’t know is that we’re
lying to them.

Kethryn Miller is an award-winning actress, but nothing will prepare her for the role she’ll take on when a strange woman who shouldn’t be alive turns up in the city, threatening to expose the lies that have kept peace on Earth for 200 years.

Ebook for only $2.99
Also avail in print

Earth Quarantined is available to buy
at any of these great online retailers:

You can follow and contact the author at these sites:

Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway

The author is giving away to one lucky winner one $15 giftcard. Easy to enter. No purchase
necessary. And you can choose between amazon, Kobo or Barnes & Noble giftcard.

About D L Richardson:

D L Richardson writes speculative fiction, which encompasses science fiction, light
horror, supernatural fiction, and fantasy. When she’s not
writing, she can be found wandering in her yard waging war on weeds, watching
back-to-back episodes on Netflix, playing her piano or guitar, curled up on the
couch reading a book, or walking the dog.

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