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It Happened to Me by T.A. Beasley - Book Tour + Giveaway

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It Happened To Me
by T. A. Beasley
New Adult Contemporary Mystery

In one weekend, seventeen- year-old Delilah Murphy loses the one person
she could count on. She tries to deal with the loss but the one she
blames makes it hard. Delilah leans on her best friend for comfort
but only for a short period of time. She must face her enemy and try
to adjust to not having a support system. 

Delilah’s behavior and attitude are out of control as is her non-existing
relationship with whom she believes is the cause of her pain. Will
Delilah finally come to her senses and learn to forgive? Or will her
childish antics lead her down a path she may not be ready to travel?

**Trigger warning: of sexual assault, alcoholism, domestic violence **

esmond stops to fill up his car at a nearby gas station on Rockville Road. He can’t believe Denise is so inconsiderate of his feelings. “It is like she is married to that damn clothing business!” Desmond spits out to no one in particular.
Just thinking about it makes him want to scream. He is tired of dealing with Denise’s workaholic mentality, which has been going on since Delilah was in middle school.  A feeling of abandonment starts to set in, and it hurts him.
Denise acts like she is the only person working in our house. Heck, she hasn’t asked me one thing about work or how my day is going! It’s not easy running my counseling business, listening to other people’s problems, and helping them, while I can’t fix my own relationship. She doesn’t care about it, as long as she is on time for her meetings to look at color swatches and zippers.  If only I could get Denise to understand that both Delilah and I need her more at home. Her absence is tearing our family apart, and she doesn’t see that it’s really affecting her relationship with Delilah.
Desmond leaves the gas station and jumps on Highway 465, heading north. He takes the exit for Keystone, heading for the Broad Ripple area, where Desmond’s favorite bar, Brothers, is. Desmond maneuvers his car into a small parking space on the left side of the bar.
It has been a few years since he’s visited a bar. The thought of solving his problems with a drink is not normal for Desmond, but this time, he feels one drink and some good television is in order. He doesn’t have a history of drinking, but his father did, which led to his death several years ago. His father’s drinking kept him away from home and kept Desmond’s mother in tears. She wasn’t shocked when she received the call that her husband had passed on. However, Desmond was hurt.
Not having his father in his life makes him sensitive and emotionally attached to the females in his life. He knows his arguing probably stemmed from his father’s abandonment, which makes him fight hard to get his wife to change her ways. He doesn’t want Delilah to feel the same way he did as a teenager.
This usually gets Desmond to stay away from alcohol, but this situation is different. He motions for the bartender. “Could I get a White Russian?”
“Coming right up,” the bartender nods, pausing to make sure he is of age. A few minutes later, the bartender returns with the drink, placing it in front of him with a napkin.
Desmond pays, then hesitates before taking a swig of the drink, letting the mixture of rum and milk slide down his throat. He scans the place, noticing the positive and uplifting atmosphere, watching a group of college students celebrating someone’s birthday. He moves out of the way of a tipsy woman heading towards the bathroom.
“Someone has had too much to drink,” he says, allowing the environment, music, and alcohol to soothe his pain. He engages in small talk with others, finding enjoyment in the attention he receives. The sun drops, and darkness is near. After hanging out for a couple of hours, Desmond decides to head home. He leaves the bar, praying that his wife has not left for Evansville. He doesn’t want to go home to an empty house for the fifteenth time.
Desmond taps the button to the radio, switching to his favorite radio station, 106.7 WTLC. A Marvin Gaye tune, “You’re All I Need to Get By,” serenades him as he drives. “I used to think that about you, Denise.”
The music continues to relax Desmond, so he cracks the window and the cool breeze hits his face. The Rockville Road exit is coming up as Desmond signals to switch lanes. After taking the exit, he stops at the awaiting red light, while singing along off-key to the song. He hopes Denise is thinking about their family and how important it is to keep them together. The light changes and Desmond proceeds into the intersection toward his subdivision. He puts his turn signal on to let the driver behind him know that he is turning into the Chapel Wood division.
 Upon turning the corner, Desmond’s car spins, tires screech, and there is the sound of crushing metal as shattered glass flies into the air. Desmond struggles to breathe. He hears a woman’s scream nearby as images of his family flash in front of him. He sees Delilah laughing, throwing lettuce at him during their food fight after her mother stood her up for their girls’ night out her freshman year of high school. Desmond hears a voice telling him to stay awake, but his vision is blurry as he struggles to focus on the calming voice.
He closes his eyes for a second, opening them to a vision of Denise preparing for work as he sits on the side of their bed, admiring her beautiful bronze skin, full lips, and petite frame. He tries to stretch his arm out to touch her, but the steering wheel is pressing against his chest, and the front of the car is crushing his legs. Desmond moans in agony, realizing his body won’t cooperate.
His eyelids are getting heavy again, his body growing tired. He can still hear the voice telling him to stay awake. Desmond moans, telling the voice he’s too tired. The emergency response team arrives, going into action. Desmond’s eyes are barely open when he sees Delilah and Denise blowing him kisses, mouthing the words: I love you. The heaviness of his eyelids takes over as everything goes black.

T.A. Beasley has been a lover of books, reading and writing since she was
ten years old, when she encountered the teen department librarian at
Central Library in her hometown of Evansville, In. She became a book
reviewer and blogger in 2010 as well as a tour host, helping authors,
publishers and publicists share books with readers through her blog,
Authors & Readers Book Corner. She resides in Indianapolis,
Indiana with her husband. It Happened To Me is her debut novel and
she is working on her next title.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!

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