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Kingdom Come by Justin Coogle - Guest Blogger Book Review

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It has been 5 years since Pope Quintus replaced the late Pope and shook the world by forming the DH, Vatican City's new demon hunting division, changing spiritual warfare forever. The Swiss guard have been replaced by three elite warriors, the Trinitarians. Exuberant funds have been funneled into their weapons division, Section 12. Their new intelligence unit, the Oracles, locate demons with unprecedented accuracy for first strike advantage. All these come together to support the heart and soul of the DH, the very demon hunting teams who hit the ground and take the fight to the enemy.

But Jason Collins is struggling to find his place on his own team, Team Joshua, let alone be the life force of the DH. He doesn't have the impeccable talent and skill of Maria, the wisdom and faith of Michael, or the courage and cunning of their team leader Rodrick. In his desperate attempts to prove himself worthy to himself and his team, Jason now teeters on the edge of expulsion. But when Team Joshua encounter a pair of witches in a demonic graveyard, Jason discovers a plot set by the ancient demon lord Baal that would change the world order. Jason must wrestle with his failure, friends, and faith to save the Church and the world there after.

KINGDOM COME puts everything on the line and throws its readers into a faith-fueled supernatural adventure unlike any before.

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Jennifer's Review
Wow, what an awesome book it was to read!
It's about this group of demon hunters in Rome called DH. They are young kids with the ability to fight demons of all kinds. 
One day, Team Joshua is sent on a dangerous mission to find some missing people. The team splits up to look for the people but encounter demons such as they never seen. One member named Jason is hurt and about to die when he is saved by two girls who we later find out are witches. 
What ensues after they all return to Rome is amazing. What happens will leave you shocked. 
Read this great book to find out what happens to the DH.  
4 stars.

Author Bio
Justin Coogle was born in Texarkana, Texas. He is currently a 3rd year medical student at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, in the hopes of becoming a Pediatrician one day. He loves to weave stories together and write during what free time he can scavenge up.

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