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The Philosopher's Crystal by Marcin Dolecki - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Twenty-year-old Philip lives alone in an authoritarian country, his parents arrested after the imperial police find a secret notebook in their apartment. Then one evening Philip meets an uncommon girl, her name Julia, possibly on the run from the police, or sent to him as a secret agent by the state. Despite his concerns, he offers to put her up for the night. In the morning a mysterious person knocks on his door and advises him to escape immediately. This is how the couple's strange, paradoxical and hazardous journey begins, leading Philip and Julia in a quest through time to the collapsing Roman empire, 17th century Amsterdam and the medieval Indian jungle. During their travel they meet famous philosophers who confront the couple with existential questions - only to find that the answers Philip and Julia discover will help them face the ultimate danger.

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Jennifer's Review
It was a good book. 
A bit hard to read, and a bit confusing, but it’s about this young man who believes he is about to be arrested for something related to his parents and their jobs, so he, with a girl he just met, runs to an abandoned house, goes down a hatch, finds a laboratory, and finds a cool object. 
When they mess around with it, they are sent back in time to learn about philosopy and have serious discussions with specific people, mostly about God and life. It takes them three tries before they can return to where they were before they went back in time. Near the end, it gets very interesting. 
I give this book 3 stars.

Author Bio
Marcin Dolecki is a philosopher, chemist and historian of chemistry (PhD). He developed his own philosophical concept - oneiric personalism. Marcin is also interested in political geography and in the history of Ethiopia. He loves cycling and vintage buses. He blogs at: Double-Edged (S)words:

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