Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Three Men on Their Bikes by Richard Mapes - Guest Blogger Book Review


Staying friends should be easy. But then, so should growing up, and George, Harry and Ian have never really got the hang of that either. They spent their twenties in a state of permanent childish abandon. Now, adulthood is catching up with them and the icy blast of work, commitments and relationships is beginning to take its toll.

In one last ditch attempt to keep responsibility from eroding their friendship entirely, the trio decide to take a cycling holiday across the breadth of the country. Which would be fine if they’d ever cycled before. Or if George’s idea of modern cycling wear wasn’t tweed, long socks and cycling clips.

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Jennifer's Review
It was a good book. I liked it. 
It's about three men on their bikes on a holiday just riding bikes around London. They meet up with a group of cyclists and are invited to join but decide to go on their own, but one of the cyclists challenges one of the riders to a race and the rider drags his two friends along. 
It's a long way to ride, and there are complaints, but at the end something happens to one rider and what happens afterwards...
Read on to find out how the journey ends. 
3 stars. 

Author Bio
Richard Mapes is an author of comedy novels, who has variously been a scientist, a musician, a film director and a rock star, and is getting tired of being asked what he wants to be when he grows up.

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