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Time Twist by Jeanie R. Davis - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Arianna Miller tosses her luggage and her hopes into her Subaru and sets out to prove her talent—by decorating a Victorian mansion thirty miles from nowhere. She needs a fresh start and a break from painful memories. However, she is soon haunted by reminders of her past and endangered by foreboding mysteries.

Christopher Flemming is determined to stop his father's crime spree, which began in nineteenth century London and now threatens present day Colorado. He must find and destroy the time-traveling machine that brought them forward in time. More importantly, he needs to save Arianna.
Because of Christopher's blurred focus, Arianna finds her attraction to him untenable. She wants to help him, but he refuses to reveal his connection to the mansion.

Everything changes when Arianna stumbles onto the time machine before Christopher does. Will her future end up in the past?

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   Jeanie Davis is an Arizona transplant—twenty-four years and counting. She loves peach ice cream, shopping, a clean house…oh, and chocolate, of course. She has traveled extensively—from Fiji to Africa and Europe to Costa Rica—but prefers being at home creating new adventures on her computer.

     Her four daughters have left her nest empty, but they return often with grandchildren who bring real fun and adventure to her life. And thankfully, Jeanie's awesome husband, Rick, loves to join in on all her escapades.

      A good romance will always capture Jeanie's attention; add suspense or historical ties and she's totally hooked. She's the author of a time-traveling adventure, Time Twist—the first of a romantic/suspense series with a twist of paranormal; an historical fiction novel, As Ever Yours, based on the lives of her grandparents, and a children's Christmas book, I Don't Know Why I Did It.

     Jeanie is passionate about writing, and she always has a new story to delve into or an older one to revise. She began by writing poetry and music, which she still enjoys, but now novels have moved to the forefront of her avocational pursuits.
     When she's not spoiling her grandchildren, Jeanie spends her free time curled up with a good book or typing away on her most recent mystery, adventure or romance.

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Torrential rains hit the windshield as Christopher made his way to Ari’s apartment Monday morning. He pressed the gas a little harder. Ari couldn’t be late. She’d mentioned the numerous deliveries scheduled to arrive today. He could only imagine the trouble she’d go to, ensuring the floors stayed clean and damage-free on a day like this. Her attitude wouldn’t reflect it, though. The only time he’d seen her noticeably stressed about her work had been last Friday. And that was a direct result of his father’s presence. 
He shuddered thinking about Father being in the home with her. He knew it couldn’t be prevented; she was his employee, at present. But without the exact knowledge of the machine’s whereabouts…Christopher couldn’t find it fast enough. 
When Ari opened the door, he had an umbrella open wide to keep her dry. “You are the ultimate gentleman, sir.” She tucked her arm through his. “I hope my car is fixed soon so I won’t require a taxi—or, squad car—service much longer. Although I am developing a fondness for the devilishly handsome chauffeur.” Her twinkling eyes met his gaze. His heart thudded. Beautiful.
He’d take her to work every day if she needed it. “You should know by now, my dear, that I enjoy driving you to work. Would you like me call Dave’s to see if your car is repaired?”
She stared at him for a moment, as if contemplating. Her wide eyes, so trusting. He must protect her. She was fast becoming precious to him. “If you have time, that would be great. I didn’t know how I would call without cell phone service at work. How’d I get so lucky?” She raised up on her toes and kissed him on the cheek as she ran a hand along the dark scruff of his jaw, sending a jolt of electricity through his body. He caught her hand and pulled her in for a kiss. 
Yes, her kisses were delicious. He hadn’t just dreamed it. The sparks igniting beneath her touch threatened to burn him. “We’d better get you to work, unless you’d rather do this all day,” he said against her lips.
“I choose this.” She kissed him once more. “Unfortunately, I have many men who want me today.” She held up a folder marked “Deliveries.” Her eyes sparkled. “And I’m sure you’d be missed, as well. Pueblo, Colorado, can’t do without one of its finest.” 
When they arrived at the Somers’ house, Ari ordered him to stay put. “I’ve got my running shoes on and will make it to the door in seconds. Besides, I can hear on the police scanner that you are needed, so get to work.”
He squirmed. He’d heard the chatter on the radio as well, but sorely needed to search her worksite for a certain time-traveling machine. A machine, that if she found first, could get her into a lot of trouble. How could he leave when it meant she might be in danger?

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