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Vanilla Extract by Louisa Berry - Book Tour

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Vanilla Extract

vanilla (adj)
Having no special or extra features; ordinary or standard
Extract (v)
-          Remove or take out
-          Select for quotation, performance or reproduction
When recently separated Lou decided to embark on a new chapter of her life, she had no idea where this journey of self and sexual discovery would lead.
Her lustful appetite for adventure was re-awakened and with every new, tantalising, naughty meeting Lou’s confidence grew, as did her need for more.

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Chapter 7 - Girl Friends

Lou' closest friend was, and continues to be, Millie.  They met at primary school, although weren't particularly close then, and lost touch as they went to separate high schools and then on into their adult working lives.  Some 18 years since they saw each other last, they found their paths crossing again, this time in adult education, as they had both enrolled into the same evening beginners' Spanish class.  And so their friendship blossomed, as they discovered they had far more in common now than they ever had all those years ago.

At Millie's 40th birthday celebrations in Paris, after many a mojito, the ladies shared their views on porn and discovered that their favourite category to view was girl on girl, and maybe with a guy come join in later.  There was not the usual hardcore pounding that you would find in male/female setups, well not from the start at least.  The horny friends agreed that they enjoyed watching the passionate kissing and exploring, and could directly relate to it.  After all, who knows a woman's body best?  A female understands how delicately to caress a clitoris and when to build up the momentum to climax, where Lou found few men are patient enough in this area, rub furiously and then wonder why their partner has not had an orgasm.  

Lou and Millie had become progressively turned on by their conversation but were a little nervous about doing anything else about it.  They were getting increasingly drunk on the cocktail binge that had begun all too randomly, given the rain had started lashing down out there in those dark Paris streets.  They decided to leave this discussion there, with some giggly knowing looks and promises of some further talk on this matter at another time, probably when they were pissed again.

It was a few years before anything further actually happened.  There were many occasions that female/
female (FF) action was brought up, but usually after a few drinks, when the inhibitions were gone, and they would touch on this delicate subject once more. Increasingly it seemed inevitable that this would definitely happen between them, but they had a few practical concerns.  Would it wreck their brilliant friendship?  Would it change the way they were with each other?  Would they regret it?  It all felt a bit risky, but on the other hand, it was ever so exciting too.


Author Bio – Louisa lives in Hertfordshire with her four children. While not on ‘Mum-duties’ she works in high finance in London

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