Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Perfect Sentence by Patrick Starnes - Guest Blogger Book Review

A portrait of a modern family in crisis, a moving love story and a chilling narrative of revenge, A Perfect Sentence moves swiftly from London through Florence, the South of France and Morocco and ends dramatically in Barcelona's cosmopolitan Barri Gotic.

Kier Buchan, a fifty-something Londoner who has recently been made redundant by the Open University, is disaffected and wryly bitter. He is the father of brainy Charlie who is heading for graduate school in America and of teenager Cat who is heading nowhere. His cool, sensible wife Fran feels his disquiet but cannot connect. Kier recounts his role in the break-up of his family and an entanglement in an inappropriate relationship with a much younger woman which he dares to hope will lead to an escape from his old self.

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Jennifer's Review
A very good book that I enjoyed reading. 
It's about a man named Keir who has a son, daughter, and wife. One day his son's girlfriend breaks up with him and sends the son into a rage; the son is completely heartbroken. 
Then Keir and the girlfriend start getting close, becoming intimate, and moving around a lot until they finally settle down, only to find out that she is pregnant.
After her appointment, something terrible happens. What it is will shock you if you read this book. 
4 stars.

Author Bio
I was born in Montreal and studied Philosophy and English Literature in Canada before doing a masters thesis on the novels of Samuel Beckett at Cambridge. I have travelled widely and at one time or another have lived in the United States, Germany, France, Greece, Spain and England. I have worked variously as an aid administrator, journalist, freelance researcher, and college lecturer. I currently live in Italy with my wife Christine and dogs Mac and Mia.

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