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Fools' Apocalypse by Anderson Atlas - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Manipulated to kill, sick with lies, the corpses moved against the Fools. It quickly became apparent that the undead were more than rotting bodies. They’re puppets for something dark and desperate and otherworldly. They were Zilla’s children.

Zilla used extreme socialist ideology to motivate his army to destroy humanity. Pitting passion against reason was so effective. His soldiers had no idea what they were doing. How could they be so naive? They didn’t want the end to come, they didn’t want to have to fight their neighbors, themselves or the storm of guilt that pummeled them.

Those that survive are spared the virus, but not death. In order to live they’ll fight, bleed, and steal. Slick with blood and ash, every step becomes harder than the last.

Fear the undead that are not dead. 

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Jennifer's Review
Wow, what a great book! I really enjoyed reading it. 
It's about this group of people who each one is contacted by a guy named Zilla. He gives them a virus that kills everyone except for them. What happens later to those dead is chilling. 
How the survivors get to safety is anyone's guess. 
Is anywhere safe? Who is Zilla and why did he make a virus? What happens to the survivors? 
4 stars.

Author Bio
Anderson Atlas is an author and illustrator that lives in the hot Sonoran Desert among scaled survivors, steely eye hawks and majestic saguaros. He's inspired by crowded malls, streams hidden by massive boulders, patches of moss, charred forests, and distant mountain ranges. To date, he's written 4 books and illustrated a handful more, and he's only begun to speak. 

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