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#galaxygirl by Bev Smith - Book Tour + Giveaway

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You hate school. Your family is beyond annoying. Your only friend comes from a different planet, and she’s about to leave.
What’s a girl to do?
Fed up with life on Earth, Esme stows away on the spaceship taking Stella back to Planet Kratos.
So begins Esme’s adventure into a world beyond the stars. A world of strange creatures, thrilling journeys, heroic rescues and instant fame.
Oh, and school. Lots of school.
Along the way she discovers that friends may be greener on the other side, but they still can’t be trusted.
Millions and billions of light years away from Earth, she sets in motion a plan to escape. Unfortunately for her, they aren’t about to let their prize exhibit leave anytime soon…

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#galaxygirl features a series of blog posts written by Esme to help her mum ‘come to terms’ with her decision to run away and live in outer space. In this extract it’s clear Stella is beginning to wreak havoc on Esme’s school life...

Stella’s second day at school was eventful. For both of us. I was stuck with her again, courtesy of Snottypants, but managed to escape after tutor time.
  My first lesson was with Mrs Harrison for double maths the teacher whose only claim to fame was the furry undergrowth nestling under her chin. Out of all of the teachers you never met, Mum, this one was the worst. I took a deep breath and gingerly opened the door to Harrison’s lair.
  As I crept in I felt like that guy on TV, the one who does the nature programmes, David wotsisface. The one with that deep, breathy voice…
  So here we are, entering into the natural habitat of the greater-crested human Hairius Maximus, or as it is more commonly known, The Hairy Teacher. We must be careful not to alert the creature to our presence, for Hairius Maximus attacks can be as unpredictable as they are unprovoked.
  My internal commentary playing, I crept across the room to my chair, trying not to be noticed by Hairy Harrison, who was busy tidying her desk.
  If we can just get to the safety of a chair then we’ll be able to observe this fascinating creature in its natural, if hostile, habitat the classroom.
  I went to sit down when there was a swift breeze, a flash of colour and… I was on Stella’s lap! Somehow she’d got to my chair before me. Everybody noticed, the loud laughter being a sure sign. Even the chair seemed to find it amusing.
  ‘Esme Tickle, what do you think you’re doing?’ Harrison’s voice rumbled across the room, like a Mexican wave, building in a crescendo until it hit my ears like a thunder clap. ‘I’m sure the new girl doesn’t appreciate you jumping on her. Sit on your own chair. Immediately!  
      The shame.
      As if it wasn’t enough that everyone called me ‘Ginger Nut’ and ‘Tango’, now I’d get teased about this too. L
  At the end of the lesson Stella followed me, and of course I had no choice but to hang out with her. I headed for the dining hall trying to ignore her but, fortunately for me, she didn’t seem to notice my rudeness.
  ‘What’s a no-life like you doing in a place like this, then? This is our table. Now move, Ginger Nut.’ The noise and bustle died down as everyone turned to watch the action. Becky Morgan, aka Mean Girl extraordinaire, with her crew.  The girl who couldn’t slither past me without hissing something.
  I opened my mouth to speak but Stella cut in, ‘I did not comprehend you had offensive people existing here too.’ She looked across at Becky. ‘It is you who must depart! Harassing us should be of insignificant concern for you.’
  Stella caught my eye, then, almost imperceptibly, flicked her eyes over Becky and her crew. Each of the girls’ trays upended over them. The whole dining hall, which had stopped to witness my humiliation, was now in hysterics.
  ‘Hey, that food really suits you, Becky,’ someone shouted. Suddenly Stella didn’t seem such a pain to have around.

Author Bio – Bev Smith has been a secondary school teacher, saleswoman, waitress, wages clerk, youth worker and holiday park entertainments manager. She has scuba dived the Barrier Reef, lived in a village in Namibia, worked for a charity in Thailand, flown over Victoria Falls and paddled in the sea at Bournemouth.
Having single-parented her three daughters, she’s been ferociously playing catch up with this writing lark.  She recently completed a Masters in Writing for Children at Winchester University. #galaxygirl is her debut middle-grade book.  

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