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Layers of Deceit by Robert Stephen - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Lost, discarded and forgotten, Jonathan Dunsmore, a onetime best-selling author is on the brink of insanity. A stranger who knows the author will do anything to regain his fame convinces Jonathan to do the unthinkable.

Jonathan randomly commits murder. But hidden in his victim’s wallet is a piece of paper, which the leader of a Russian gang, the dead-man’s brother, wants back at any cost.

The detective on the case, Glen Barton, makes a startling discovery as do the Russian’s. Sucked into the abyss, Glen’s back is suddenly against the wall, lives are at stake. He must choose. Uphold the law or break it.

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Jennifer's Review
It was a very good book about a man named Jonathan.
He's a writer suffering from writer's block, so he invents a man named Beckett and starts doing very bad things, which makes some very bad men angry.
The cops, also angry, try to figure out who the killer is.
What he does and why will shock you.
I give this 5 stars.

Author Bio
What makes a writer? What do you envision when you think about that question? Someone sitting by an open window looking out over the ocean, desert, mountains? Rainy day, foggy, sunny? My definition of a writer of fiction. A person who drives himself or herself to the edge of insanity when writing a story to the best of their ability that you the reader find entertaining.

I can honestly say my life has been interesting, far from boring. Land baron, restaurateur, photographer, artisan, author. A life full of ups and downs. A life full of stories. Along the way, I've met hundreds of people, some interesting, some not. Some dangerous, some beautiful, some kind, and some cruel. During my lifetime I've even had my heart run over a couple of times, but when all of it is said and done I wouldn't trade it in.

Writing has always been inside of me, but the siren never called to me. I wasn't ready until one day in October of 2015 when life said, "Start writing."

Storytelling is the heart and soul of a writer. The ideas for most of my stories begin with the question, "what if," and grow from there. I know that sounds a bit arrogant, I'm sorry if it does, but really my book "Remain Alive," began with "what if there were only 150 humans alive on the planet," From there it grew to a Sci-fi thriller. If the question continues to expand with several possibilities then a story is born.

My inspiration to write comes from wasting too much of my life not writing. Now every day I write, and if I go two days without, then pity the person in the same room with me.

For me, the best thing about being a writer is the unanswered question, “where will my imagination take me.” The one thing no one can take away from me or any other writer. It belongs to us. To be cultivated, harvested, to share with the world.

My advice to aspiring writers is, "You are not perfect, do not fool yourself. However, with hard work, dedication, commitment, more hard work, and the belief in yourself, you can be a great writer!"
Don't be afraid, don't listen to those voices of doubt in your head. Read, read, read, then write, write, read, and write. If it's not working that does not mean you are not a writer, it means you're not ready just yet. Be patient with yourself.

"Layers of Deceit," May 2018 will also be available as an audiobook. My first.

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