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Tatyanna by Lynz Johnston - Book Blitz

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Title: Tatyanna
Series: Light and Darkness
Author: Lynz Johnston
Genre: Fantasy
Release: December 17th 2018

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Tatyanna spent her entire life feeling like she didn’t belong anywhere, not even with her own family. As she wished on every single shooting star that she would be normal, popular or even noticed, the changes that came weren't the ones she wanted.
Finally, at sixteen everything starts to change. But when her appearance suddenly changes, she can't help feeling like her life has become some sort of freaky sideshow. After waking up on her 21st birthday with a new tattoo, a stranger appearing in her life that knows more than he should, and the new ability to heal others—doesn’t make her feel any better about herself—instead it brought out just how different she is.
Slowly, Tatyanna begins to learn the secrets that have always remained hidden. She finally begins to understand, which helps her to realize why her family never interacted with her; why she always felt alone; why she always felt so different and isolated. When she learns she is royalty from a hidden world. Her life is about to change more than even she could imagine. So many choices, what does she do?
Does she go back? Is she strong enough?
Does she save a world she never even knew existed?
All she knows is that whatever she decides, it will change everything, not just for her, but for all those who depend on her to protect them. They say change is good, but how much change is too much?
The whole world and beyond is depending on her to save them, and save herself at the same time. Is she up for the task?

***About The Author***

Lynz Johnston lives in Ohio where she have many roles.She's a wife, a mother, a teacher, a gamer, a reader, a blogger and now she's a writer.
Her ideas for my books come from everywhere. Tux in her book was inspired by her parent's cat at the time the idea formed. Some of the creatures in book 2, was inspired by her son and some of the characters come from people who inspire she or say something and the idea sticks and forms into something entirely new.
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