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The Adventures of Billy Bog Brush: The Fire Brigade by Tim Constable & Ian Campbell - Book Tour & Review

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The Adventures of Billy Bog Brush:
The Fire Brigade
by Tim Constable & Ian Campbell

It is a lovely day in Billy Bog Brush's neighbourhood. Billy is wondering what to do with himself, 
when he hears his neighbour, Mrs. Brown, screaming for help. Billy springs into action!
Billy races to the scene where he finds Mrs. Brown’s house is on fire and she is locked out. 
Billy must use creative thinking to find a key. Will Billy manage to get the key before the fire brigade 
arrives? In this sweet children's story about courage and helping others, Billy learns how much fun 
it can be to be a hero!

Information about the Book
Title: The Adventures of Billy Bog Brush: The Fire Brigade
Author: Ian Campbell & Tim Constable
Release Date: 4th December 2018
Genre: Picture Book
Page Count: 26
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

My Review
 The Adventures of Billy Bog Brush is a cute children's picture book about a kid named Billy Bog Brush 
(I had to Google bog brush to see what, exactly, it was, and I was not disappointed. lol) who is small 
and can fit through a doggy door. Billy is also very brave. While left alone one day, he decides to go 
out and about. But then he discovers a woman locked out of her house, which also happens to be on 
fire, and rushes to try and save the day. Does he? You'll have to read it and find out.

I found Billy Bog Brush to be a fun character that kids could look up to. He teaches that no matter 
how small, you can still be brave and helpful towards others much bigger than you. I think that's a 
good lesson for kids to learn. A lot of kids think, "Oh, I'm too small to matter much," but that's not 
true. I think having them see how heroic Billy Bog Brush is can be a good thing.

I enjoyed reading the story, and I thought the illustrations were nice. 
I'd recommend this book to parents and kids who enjoy stories about everyday heroes. 
It'll be interesting to see what other adventures Billy Bog Brush ends up having.

4 stars!

Author Information
Ian Campbell
Ian Campbell is a senior storeman for the MOD. Born into a military family, he has lived in Germany, 
Northern Ireland, and the United Kingdom. His first book, A Walk with God, was published in 2011.

Tim Constable
Tim Constable works as a data analyst. He is also a musician, in the Coventry Cathedral choir as a boy, 
then later composing and playing in his own rock band. As a graphic artist, he has designed logos 
and flyers for various organizations.

Tour Schedule

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Tuesday 27th November

Wednesday 28th November

Thursday 29th November
Friday 30th November

Saturday 1st December

Sunday 2nd December

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  1. His Jazzy, this is Tim, co-author and illustrator for Billy Bog Brush. Thanks for the lovely review you've given the book, it's very encouraging. However, there seems to be a technical problem! In Microsoft Edge, the review looks fine, but on Chrome and Android, the text goes streaming off the right hand edge - it doesn't word-wrap. I don't know if you can get anyone to do something about this?

    1. Hi Tim. I'm glad you liked the review. I did fix the word-wrap issue, so hopefully everything looks okay now. Thank you! :)


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