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Unorthodox Union by Lilah E. Noir - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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Series: The Unorthodox Trilogy, Book #3
Author: Lilah E. Noir
Release Date: December 15th, 2018



No other woman could understand me like you. We know all we’ve been through, Lina, and I remember every scar on your body and soul.

We were together in the darkest pits of hell.
He cleansed me through the cruelty of pain and led me to my bliss.
I’m exactly where I belong.
A leader in the boardroom and a purring submissive for Thomas.
When the right chance comes along… do we dare reach for the stars?

I have the woman of my dreams and a chance for a new beginning.
Lina faced all of me, my dark, ugly and violent sides, yet she chose to stay.
She restored my lost balance and helped me find peace with who I am.
I’ve never been so happy… and that’s what scares me the most.
After all we have been through, can we have it all?

WARNING! This book is intended for mature audiences. It's an intense love story and hot erotic romance with BDSM scenes. It also contains scenes of violence and rough language. If you have any triggers related to it I'd suggest that you don't buy that book. The book is part 3 of the Unorthodox Trilogy and can't be read as a standalone. All the characters are over 18 years old.



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You don't like waiting between the separate parts? Go and get the deluxe boxed set with the three full-length novels in it at a special release price. It will go back to 7.99 in January.


Smart. Mature. Sophisticated. Out of his league.
She was the forbidden fruit and his heart’s desire.

Young. Plucky. Ambitious. The last man you’d call a Dom.
He was all she never knew she needed.

After seven years of pent-up longing Thomas Jett challenges Lina Riley’s one crippling weakness. All bets are off when she surrenders to his discipline in the hope he’d set her free from her addiction. He introduces her to the deviant world of delicious torture and intense pleasure. Every time she kneels at his feet their connection grows stronger.

That intense bond pushes them past their limits and threatens to destroy their sanity.

Can Thomas get over his inner demons and be the man and Dom Lina craves?
Will Lina learn to trust him and her own desires?

Find out what will come of their unorthodox romance in this deluxe boxed set.
Get the boxed set at a premium release price before it goes back up to 7.99.

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“You know, it makes me really happy that you’re open to the idea of a family with me. I haven’t thought about it yet but that’s not my top priority. I don’t think it’s yours either?”
“No...” Lina breathed in. I could tell she was about to fall down the rabbit hole of anxiety if I didn’t stop her. “I’m not even sure I’m fit to be a mother. I mean, neither of us grew up in a normal family environment. Do we know how to make it work? It’s too early, but what if at some point you decide you want children but I’m no longer fit to bear them and...”
“Shh...” I kissed her again. “You’re getting a little ahead of yourself, aren’t you?”
“You’re right, I’m sorry.” She curled her arms around my neck and moved a little closer. Good thing we’d had this insane sex romp in the afternoon that had left me exhausted. I could never have such a serious conversation with a sexy woman in a bathtub, with her curves pressed up against me. “I want everything to be perfect. We both know that never happens.”
“My sexy little control freak.” I teased her and she slapped my back. It was so cute when she got a little angry. “Listen now. First, I’m not the type to get together with a woman because of her fertility. We’ll work something out if at some point we decide to have kids and we have problems. That can only happen if we’re a solid couple. Second, my mother had me when she was forty-one and I turned out pretty awesome, didn’t I?”
“And so humble.” Lina laughed and pressed her forehead against mine.
“So, you don’t have to worry about that. We have a long road ahead of us before we begin to think of marriage, let alone children. Okay?”
I still hadn’t given her the red collar… It was really stupid but I wanted to find the perfect moment. Collaring a submissive was a pretty big deal to me, even more important than marriage, and I didn’t take it lightly.
“Yes?” she asked.
“Well… When we were separated I was resigned to never being with you again. Now that we have a second chance I can’t get enough of you.” My admission came off creepier than I intended. “We only see each other on the weekends and we usually end up compensating for that by having sex like horny rabbits from hell. Before I know it, you have to go and I won’t see you until next weekend.”
“Oh…” Her voice was laced with surprise. “You make a good point. I haven’t thought about it that way.”
“I don’t want us to be only a kinky couple whose entire relationship revolves around sex. I’ve seen such people in the lifestyle. They grow apart when the buzz of the sexual thrill fades. It’s painful when it all goes down in flames.” I bit my tongue and rested my hands on her shoulders. “We need to strike a balance and the best way is if we spend more time together.”


Hot 18+

“Don’t move,” I said in a quiet, firm voice and picked up the camera. When I’d adjusted the lens, I took a few steps back so I could take a shot of her whole body. The camera flash struck her, illuminating her face, contorted with the stimulation and her light grasp on mental control.
I took a few shots of her down on her knees with the pearls around her neck. Lina didn’t react and kept her stance. Only her fingers were trembling when I stepped closer to catch her emotional expression. I smiled down at her, lifted the camera with my free hand, and aimed it at her face, focusing on her eyes and all that submission and need in her beautiful gaze.
It was addictive to record all of that painful arousal etched on her features. I went down on my knees and brought the lens closer to her inner thighs to shoot the glistening liquid pouring out of her. Quiet sobs caressed my ears while the sweet and pungent fragrance between her hot thighs urged me to lick her, taste her, have a full cup of pleasure.
The more pictures I took, the more tangible the fragrance of her horny cunt grew—a thick, delicious bouquet. As soon as I lowered the camera between those wide-open thighs, the sight of her clit took my breath away. Large, pink and wet from her nectar, already swollen and begging for attention without even so much as a brush, caress or a light kiss.
I was saving every bit of her on the film reel forever, and that made my thirst unbearable. It’d be so easy to lick her until her body shook with multiple orgasms or she begged for my cock.
Good thing I had enough exposures and a few more film reels. They’d never be enough if I wanted to take the whole night and preserve it.
Her pearl necklace reflected the floodlight’s yellow stream, in a beautiful contrast to her skin.
“Stay still,” I whispered and ran my palms down both sides of her neck. A strong flutter danced all over her skin when I removed the string of pearls from her throat. It was as powerful as the electrical spark from that afternoon.
Soft, round balls of pearl rested in my palm and I dangled them before her eyes.
“You want to touch your neck, don’t you?” I smiled. “How does it feel to be so vulnerable, Lina? Do you enjoy it? I love to see you so raw and helpless but you know that. Now, wrists behind your back, tigress. Straighten up again and don’t move.” I leaned in to whisper in her ear. “You’re doing so well.”
It didn’t take long before she brought her thin wrists together and presented them to me. Her fingers were pink and slippery with juices. I stretched the pearls and gently wrapped them around her hands in a light knot. It was tight enough to keep the necklace in place. One strong move could grant her an exit from the bejeweled trap.
Lina didn’t move. When I raised myself up and picked up her chin, she had a hazy, dream-like look. The same look as every time she found subspace and abandoned her will to resist.
All mine to mold, cherish and dominate.
“Eyes down, keep your back straight. Lower your gaze.”
I adored looking at her eyes while she was bending to my will. There was a thrill in watching her staring down modestly.
A close up of her wrists bound in pearls. A full shot of her in profile while she was staring at the floor. Another intimate portrait of her red tresses that had escaped their bun and were falling down the side of her cheek.
“Head to the floor. Ass in the air and your wrists on full display.”
Lina gritted her teeth, likely to hold back loud cursing. She claimed to hate it when I made her stay in that position but her body reveled in the degradation. A foot on top of her head was on her hard limit list but I had the feeling she’d change it.
She pressed her cheek to the floor and raised her shapely ass high in the air. The silky wetness between her thighs opened up for the viewing pleasure of my eyes and my camera.
“Wider,” I commanded and cracked my palm down on one of her cheeks. Lina cried out and parted her thighs. After a beautiful panoramic shot of her exquisite pussy I let the camera drop, got up and picked up the cane. The traces of her pussy were already drying on the wood but they felt fresh.
She blushed when the edge of the stick pressed against her lips, just like a lover asking for permission to slip inside her.
“Suck it.”
There was no hesitation when she was under the hypnotic spell of subspace. Her talented tongue swirled around the wood as she licked up her own essence.
“Get up.” I pulled the stick away from her lips. “Walk to the bed and take the same position. We’re going to play a game, pet.”


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That's the full series in a chronological order. If you haven't read it yet, here's your chance to have a taste of it. Unorthodox Dom, its prequel, and Unorthodox Therapy are both free. Unorthodox Chemistry is discounted to .99cents.


Unorthodox Dom, Book o.5 of the series


He was a Dominant on training wheels. She was a wild masochistic kitten and more than he bargained for.
Thomas has reached his breaking point.
Work, studies, lust for his sexy boss, his own kinky urges are driving him insane.
He's sick of hiding.
In walks Kat. Sassy, creative, submissive to the bone and a hot mess of epic proportions.
The first girl who ever craved his punishing spanking, dominant touch and rough lovemaking.
What happens when her life begins falling apart?
Can Thomas put it back together with strict rules and iron discipline?
Is he strong enough to save her from herself?

Unorthodox Dom is 30,000 words erotic romance novella featuring hot, erotic action, a Dominant new to the lifestyle, a bratty submissive in need of a firm hand and a badass Dominatrix. Not a menage, no cheating. The story takes place four years prior the events in the Unorthodox Trilogy but it can be read as a standalone. Bonus material - Chapter 1 of Unorthodox Therapy.

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Amazon US / UK / CA / AU

Unorthodox Therapy, Book 1 of The Unorthodox Trilogy

Unorthodox trilogy 1 -UnorthodoxTherapy

She was his boss at work and his submissive at all times.
I'd never noticed him before.
He was just a lonely, scared boy when I hired him.
I was too busy to notice the lust in his eyes.
Now I'm at his feet begging for every bit of pleasure and pain he'll unleash on me.
She enthralled me.
Her body. Her mind. Her wicked laughter and unreadable eyes.
She was out of my league yet I knew what she longed for.
I only had two months to kill her nicotine addiction and make her crave me.
I'd use every trick I had to claim her as mine.
WARNING! This book is intended for mature audiences. It contains scenes of BDSM, rough language, as well as non-sexual violence. The book is part 1 of a trilogy. All the characters are over 18 years old. Please, read the Warning at the front part of the book before you decide to purchase it.

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Amazon US / UK / CA / AU

Unorthodox Chemistry, Book 2 of The Unorthodox Trilogy


He was her Master, lover and the only man who truly knew her. She was his pet, best friend and the love of his life. Sometimes that’s not enough.
He’s gone.
His absence hurts more than any whip.
Thomas saw me for who I was.
Strong on the outside, fractured and vulnerable on the inside.
Every day I struggle to rebuild my life.
I miss him. His rough passion and his affection.
I know we’ll never be together again, I even tried to move on…
… and then one invitation changed everything.
Do I dare to say no to the greatest temptation?
I had to walk away.
Lina paid dearly for my mistakes.
She needs to heal and all that’s left for me is to wait.
In the dark, with nothing but my demons and sins to keep me company.
The memory of her is a bittersweet torture, one I didn't think I could ever escape...
A year later, at the kinkiest club in town, I saw her. On the arm of another man.
May the seduction begin.

WARNING! This book is intended for mature audiences. It's an intense love story and hot erotic romance with BDSM scenes. The book is part 2 of a trilogy and can't be read as a standalone. All the characters are over 18 years old. Please, read the Warning at the front part of the book before you decide to purchase it.

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99 cents for a LIMITED TIME

Amazon US / UK / CA / AU



Lilah E. Noir is an author of dark erotic novels and psychological stories. Her work has elements of taboo, seduction and different aspects of the BDSM lifestyle, with a touch of romance and tenderness. If you love flawed characters, submissive alpha females, unconventional dominant heroes, angst, emotional darkness, lots of kinky sex scenes her books might be your kind of pleasure.


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