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Knowing God by Donald Allen Kirch - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Knowing God
by Donald Allen Kirch

Fantasy Romance

Nathan Andrews was a good man. It came as quite a surprise to him that he
wanted to die.

After a "botched" attempt to commit suicide, Nathan is haunted by
the mysterious image of a woman, during a Near Death Experience. She
was "perfect" and everything a man would seek within a life
partner. With the simple utterance "Go back!" she forever
conquered his heart.

Leaving a mental hospital after that, Nathan runs into an odd woman named
Amanda. She barely knows English, doesn't recognize the simple
things, and finally confesses an all-important truth to him: GOD!

After some subtle convincing of the claim, and confronted by a winged man
named "Gabriel," Nathan accepts this fantastic reality. A
reality that will change his world, and the world of

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"Christy, please, rise up." Amanda insisted, kindly.
My friend, upon coming face-to-face with Amanda, suddenly dropped to her knees, bowing in the woman's presence.  The act made several observers in the park, pay particular attention to both her and Gabriel.  I mean, how often does one see an African American kneeling in front of a young white woman, standing next to an Archangel, and not start to question the situation as a whole?
Amanda's careworn and sad eyes silently turned to me for help.  Here she was, God and Lord of Creation, with infinite power and unmeasured influence over everything, and she turned to a lowly human for help.  I think I loved her more in the infinity of that small moment than at any other time, in all the time that I knew her - in corporeal form, that is.
"Christy," I tried to whisper.  "People are starting to reach for the butterfly nets.  You need to get back on your feet."
"She's God," was all the woman could bring herself to say - that below a whisper.
"Sorry," I softly told Amanda.
The woman smiled at me, silently thanking me for my attempt.  "This is how it goes, Nathan."
"Moses stayed on his knees for almost a week," Gabriel added.  "If not for the burning bush, the fool would have frozen to death."
"Why do you think 'the why' of how I presented myself to him, Gabriel?" Amanda's words were so matter-of-fact.  "Why, Christy, are you acting this way?  Now, and at this time?"
The Christy's eyes dripped with tears, "According to some, I am an abomination in your eyes."  Her words were shaky and filled with fear.  "God, I do not want to be seen by you in this way."
Amanda turned to Gabriel as if to silently ask the question, "Is there something here that I am missing?"
Gabriel, just as puzzled, could only shrug his shoulders.
Amanda, although her pregnant belly caused her discomfort, bent down to stare Christy in the eyes.
When Christy held her eyes open, that is.
"I," Christy said the words as if her body was made out of cancer.  She proceeded to tremble in an almost child-like fear.
Amanda huffed out a surprised laugh.
Not out of insult, but admiration.  Pride in the pure honesty of a sinner who never understood the meaning of the word.
Amanda kissed Christy on the forehead.
This caused Christy to cry, openly.
"Oh, no," Amanda soothed.  "Hear these words, child.  They come directly from your God."
Christy held her breath, and frankly, so did I.
"Yes, God?" the woman inquired.  I had never seen Christy so open or honest.
"I do not care how you love, or how you are loved, while during your mortal life.  The only thing that matters, or contains real worth, is that you are loved.  Life is finite for a reason - so that when you come to live within the walls of my Kingdom, you would have known something more potent than even me.  Love!  Even I was born from love.  There is no wrong way to love, Christy.  Unless its roots are evil or one of being used, love is the center of Creation.  Cherish it, and be not afraid."
Wiping her tears away, Christy's face, by degrees, slowly returned to that of the woman and friend I have always known.
"Then, you see nothing wrong with being gay?"
"No, woman, I do not," Amanda winked, again kissing the woman on her cheek.  "I said it once, and I will repeat it - Fuck the Bible.  Live and love as one family, forever and ever."
"Amen," Gabriel bowed, himself moved to tears.
A gentle breeze brushed Christy's face, causing a strand of her hair to gently cover her left eye.  Her features softened.  The light brown face I saw at that moment held no worries, no pressures, and no self-made shame forced down her throat by a judgemental and money hoarding world.
She smiled.
Christy was...beautiful!
"I promise, boo, nobody will lay a finger on you, or your baby, as long as I am alive."
Amanda's face also seemed to light up with joy.  "So let it be said, so let it be done."
"Oh, hell," Christy smirked.  "God's getting all Ten Commandments on me."
"Call me, old-fashioned," Amanda joked.
The women hugged each other.
Gabriel and I stood, feeling awkward, wholly lost in the 'girl moment' Christy and Amanda were having.
Both rose to their feet.
Amanda turned, facing me.
Her stomach looked like that of ordinary human females upon reaching a forty-plus week of pregnancy.  I thought I saw a comical gleam in Amanda's eyes, as she noticed my amazement and fear.  Fear, in my readiness to become a father.  Amanda picked up on this and softly kissed me.
"Baby," she soothed, placing a soft hand on my cheek, "You will do fine."
Christy stood in front of Gabriel.  She side-glanced me, winking.  She was going to test her boundaries with the Archangel.  I slowly rolled my eyes, trying to hold back a smile.
"So, what's the plan, Chicken Man?" the woman asked.
At first, Gabriel did not respond.  It was only after noticing a curious glance from Amanda that the Angel surmised Christy had been talking about him.
"Protector?" Gabriel asked, looking around, stammering, "Are you...addressing me?"
"That's right," Christy confirmed.
"Protector, I am not a chicken man.  I am an Archangel of the Most-High Kingdom of Heaven, created from the pure essence of the Holy Spirit.  I have told you this on more than one occasion, madam."
"Cool," Christy accepted, "What's with this 'Protector' stuff?"
"Madame, that is who you are," the honesty in the Angel's eyes was alarming.  "What do you seek to know?"
"What's the plan?"
"Plan??" Gabriel repeated.  There was a slight hint of irritation in the Archangel's voice.  It was apparent Gabriel had no experience with a personality like Christy's.
"You know, how are we going to protect this new Jesus baby?"
Amanda softly took hold of my hand.
There was panic in her touch.
Amanda's eyes were wide in wonder, but her features projected great pain.  I found myself sharing her drama because, in her reactions to the pain, she dug her fingernails into my arm.
We both looked down at her stomach.
"This is how it starts, isn't it?" Amanda nervously smiled, breathing heavily.
"Oh, shit!" Christy huffed, moving in to help.  "Clock just started, Chicken Man."
"I am not a chicken!" Gabriel huffed.
Amanda's attention darted around, and it appeared as if she were searching for something I couldn't understand.  She cried out in unpracticed pain - tears filled her eyes - pain was still new to her.
"Baby," I demanded, trying my best to hold her up.  "What's wrong?  What are you looking for?"
The contractions were declaring war within Amanda's body, and they hit with the same abnormal speed and nature as that of her pregnancy.  Her eyes, fighting the incredible agony she was going through, continued to madly dart everywhere.
Her attention then focused on a church, on the other side of the park's central lake.  Seeing the structure made her smile.
"We all need to go there!" Amanda pointed to the church.  Her finger shook, and her breathing became more chaotic.  "I will have this baby at my house."
Gabriel, Christy, and I all looked at each other and nodded in agreement.
"The church it will be," Christy confirmed.
We all turned, Gabriel and I doing our best to support Amanda, comforting her in her pain and mortal torment.
"Nathan," Amanda openly cried, "There is so much pain."
"The pain, my love, will herald the fruit of our dedication and affection towards each other."
Gabriel's frame straightened, impressed.  "Wonderful words, Father!"
"Oh, shut up!" Amanda barked.  "Get me to the church - quickly!"
We all turned, hoping to walk around the lake.
"Oh, shit," Christy whispered, giving herself the Sign of the Cross.
Before us, all, blocking our way to the church, stood several angel-like creatures.  Unlike Gabriel, their lines did not appear graceful or benevolent.  They were coarse and dripped with the emotion of arrogance.
"Give us the Lord, Our God!" they demanded in unison.
Gabriel smiled, beaming utmost pride and love toward Christy, who was gawking at the creatures with the same fear that I was.
"Christy," it was the only time I had ever heard the Archangel address her so.  "I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this to you while you are mortal."
"Say, what, Chicken Man?" the woman cocked her head to the side.
"Christy," Gabriel whispered, serious and kind.  "Please, all Archangels address me as...Gabriel."
Gabriel raised his hand, projecting a severe amount of his own essence into the heart of Christy.  I could see that the Angel was crying, but he was also delighted and content.  It was as if he were desperately lost, and suddenly found the kind comfort of home.  At the time, neither Christy or I understood.  That would come, later.
Gabriel stopped.  He lowered his head in respect, spreading out his wings.
Dear God, He was impressive!
"Protector," the Angel ordered, almost ringing in what I could only describe as a heavenly tone of voice, "Protect!"
The angel-like creatures started to move slowly forward.
Amanda screamed as more blood and water escaped her womb.  She, for an unknown reason at the time, turned my face away from the otherworldly creatures and had me focus solely on her lovely eyes.
"Stay with me, baby!" she ordered.
The angel-demons held out several flaming swords and hissed out an ungodly battle cry.
"Game just went up a notch," Christy nervously commented.
I had never seen Christy so terrified, but out of the corner of my eyes, I could see her looking back at Amanda and me.
The woman had no clue on what to do next.

DONALD ALLEN KIRCH lives in The United States of America. He is an avid
reader of history, Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, the paranormal, and is
a "hardcore" Doctor Who fan. After spending two weekends in
the famous "Sallie House," a "haunted house" in
Atchison, Kansas, he is one of the only authors of his craft who can
claim to have been attacked by a ghost!

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  1. Gwendolyn, thank you for the nice words on my cover. I love it too! I "suggested" to the publisher, that all the elements should form together to form the body of a beautiful woman. Although writers really have no control over the cover art, I was delighted to discover that they took my suggestion to heart. All my best!

  2. Such an intriguing premise. Can you imagine if it actually happened? Well, for all we know, it has! Very cool!


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