In a corner of England lies an old town.
A curious place – it’s called Cotteridge Down.
Cotteridge Down was not at all clean.
But the smelliest, filthiest place ever seen.
Festering rubbish was left on the ground.
Filthy old carpets and boots lay around.
The smell was revolting! Too much too bear.
Even the rats packed and left in despair.
Fed-up and cross with the state of the place.
An empty street bin said, “What a disgrace!
Right, that’s it, enough is enough.
Now it is time for the bins to get tough!”

Join the Bins of Cotteridge Down as they teach the litter bugs a lesson and carry out the greatest cleaning expedition ever known!

Can the bins save Cotteridge Down before it is too late?

And will they get a Royal seal of approval?

The Bins of Cotteridge Down is the third rhyming picture book by Peta Lemon and Maria Dasic Todoric. With hilarious illustrations and an important message about respecting the environment, it will have to be read again and again!

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My Review
The Bins of Cotteridge Down is a cute children's picture book that has a good message within the pages. 

When the people of Cotteridge Down refuse (ha!) to use the rubbish bins to keep their town clean, it becomes a stinky, disgusting place that even the rats don't want to live in. While the townsfolk don't seem to mind the yucky state of their town, the trash bins have had enough. They decide to take matters into their own hands, if you will, and they start cleaning up the place. Not by picking up the trash, though. No, they scoop up the citizens and put them in the trash instead. Only then do the townsfolk realize what a mess they've made of their once beautiful home. And soon, it's a gleaming, spotless place to live once again.

I really enjoyed the rhyming way the story was written. It's easy to read, and kids will be drawn in and entertained by the story. The illustrations are also very eye-catching and great. Very colorful, and they showcase the story perfectly. 

I also really liked the message the book conveyed. Teaching kids (and even some adults) that throwing your trash away properly, and recycling things that can be reused (aluminum, plastic, paper, etc), is an important lesson for them. If they learn how to be responsible at a young age, they'll have a clean environment to enjoy for many years to come.

Definitely a book any parent should have on their shelf for their child(ren) to enjoy. I'd highly recommend it.

Five stars from me!

Author Bio
Peta Lemon is the author of beautifully illustrated children’s picture books, published under the imprint Quirky Picture Press.

Her books are quirky, written in rhyme and illustrated by the very talented Maria Dasic Todoric.

The Fed-up Cow and Timmy on the Toilet are now available from all major retailers. The Bins of Cotteridge Down is coming later in 2018.