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To Laugh Well by JC Alaimo - Audio Book Tour

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Author: JC Alaimo

Narrator: Josh Horowitz

Length: 7 hours 29 minutes

Publisher: JC Alaimo

Released: Nov. 2, 2018

Genre: Young Adult, Coming-of-Age

"Sometimes a person needs to be lost."

Alexander Biden counts his heart rate as often as he can and recites rap lyrics if it ever gets too high. Despite what brought him to the makeshift bedroom in the basement of his mother’s apartment, he manages to keep that count low.

But when an unexpected visitor shows up the weekend he moves to Augustine University, the stable world he constructed for himself is upended. While new friendships, one-night stands, and pharmaceuticals help him regain a fleeting sense of normalcy, it’s in a dangerous love affair that his fate lies.

To Laugh Well is available for review through the Adopt-An-Audiobook program!
JC Alaimo is an indie author from Buffalo, NY. He holds a BA in Philosophy, MA in English, and has been writing fiction since participating in his high school literary magazine. He enjoys listening to hip hop and spending time with his wife and daughter.
Narrator Bio

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Josh Horowitz appeared in various commercials, TV shows, and motion pictures as a child actor. Years later, Josh returned to entertainment through podcasting, co-hosting two "Movies by Minutes" podcasts and acting / writing for the "Old Time Radio" style podcast "Twelve Chimes, It's Midnight". He has gained experience through the SAG-AFTRA Foundation Radio Play series as both a performer and director, and has narrated several audiobooks for Audible.
Q&A with Alexander Biden, protagonist of To Laugh Well
  • Share a bit about yourself.
    • I'm from Sheffield, Ohio, not far from Cleveland, where I live with my mom and sister. We've been in that apartment since my dad left around the time I started high school. But I haven't been there much since I started at Augustine. I'm an education major there, but I love my philosophy class.
  • Why did you pick Augustine for college?
    • A lot of people think I picked Augustine because it's so close to where Mya, my girlfriend, ended up going, but I didn’t. We both applied to different schools, but I think we just lucked out that we're only a half hour apart. I'm also not Catholic, so that's not it either. I think I picked it because it's so different from what I'm used to. It's this beautiful old campus with these gorgeous buildings and stone walkways, and everyone there is so friendly. And it's so small, nothing like the other schools I had on my list.
  • What was the one thing you needed to bring with you to college?
    • Definitely the thing I forgot: my headphones. I have this really nice set of headphones that blocks out the rest of the world when you put them on, and I always used to listen to music before bed. Something about the headphones and the beats and lyrics from the songs just calmed me to sleep. But when I forgot them in my mom's car, I had to come up with something different.
  • How would your friends describe you?
    • It probably varies depending on which friends. In high school, I don't think many people thought much of anything about me, except maybe that I had a great relationship with Mya. But at Augustine, I guess they'd describe me as fun. I throw a hell of a party.
  • What's your favorite place and why?
    • There's this spot on campus that Julia introduced me to. It's kind of hidden behind one of the big academic buildings, but it's this stone platform with this maze on it, and there's a statue of Mary. I go there to get the kind of thing my headphones gave me and to think about the statue or Julia or whatever.
  • Who's your favorite person?
    • Easy, that’s my mom. She saved us when everything fell apart, and she worked two jobs to keep us comfortable and get me to this school. But if family doesn't count, it's my roommate Nick. He's the first friend I've had who I really connect with. He understands me, and I think I understand him.
  • What inspires you?
    • Music, mostly rap. When there's the right beat for the right rapper and they just zone, it's the best genre there is. I swear, I could do anything in the world if I had the right soundtrack.
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