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Delusions by Amy Crandall - Book Tour + Giveaway

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by Amy Crandall

YA Psychological Thriller

As she waits to give her statement in one of the interrogation rooms of
Arcata Police Department, Abigale recites the same line over and over inside her head.

I did not kill anyone.

I did not kill anyone.

But there’s a trail of bodies, and it leads straight to her. The events
that brought her to this very moment all point to one thing…her guilt.

She must convince Detective Collins of her innocence, but how can she
explain her ties to the victims, and the evidence that has her name
written all over it?

Then there’s the mysterious Facebook profile. DarkHeart434.

Who is DarkHeart434? And why does it seem like this person has all the
answers, including the identity of the real murderer?

As pieces of the puzzle start to come together, everything about
Abigale’s life begins to unravel—her past, her present…and even
her self-proclaimed innocence.

Hi everyone! My name is Amy Crandall, and I am super excited to be here! Special thanks to Maia Gomez for hosting this blog tour!

A little bit about me: I am a debut author and avid reader from British Columbia, Canada. I’ve been writing ever since I can remember, and I published my first story on at the age of thirteen. I had a dabble of previous experience in publishing when I was in elementary school—where I had a poem of mine published in A Celebration of Poets – Summer 2012. My favourite genres to write are mystery/thriller and fantasy—though I haven’t fully pursued the fantasy genre yet.

Fans of The Boy Next Door and Bates Motel will love my recently published debut novel “DELUSIONS”!

“DELUSIONS” is your classic whodunnit with many twists and turns along the way! The book focuses on a girl named Abigale Fern and her journey from misunderstood teenager to possible murderer. Your job? Find out if she’s truly guilty of the murders Agent Ross is convinced she committed.

Title: ? Read an #Excerpt! Title: ?

The agent reached for the file he’d thrown onto the table earlier. Flipping it open, he jabbed a finger at an enlarged photo of a person lying on the pavement. “How do you explain this, then?”
Abigale closed her eyes, the photo still burning into the remnants of her mind. The night he was attacked was the last time she’d seen him. She still wasn’t sure how he—
“Abigale!” Agent Ross slammed his hand down in front of her, startling Abigale into opening her eyes again. “I would like you to explain to me how a wild night of partying ended in this!” He pointed at the photo again, and Abigale slapped a hand over her mouth when she felt bile rising in her throat.
“I told you,” she said, “I don’t know!”
An evidence bag landed on the table. Abigale’s pulse skyrocketed. Blood stained the familiar canvas.
“How do you explain this, then?” he asked, his voice menacingly calm.
Abigale felt the fingers around her throat again, squeezing the life out of her. The bag…she’d gotten rid of it. It should have been in the landfill by now. How did they have it? “I—what is this?”
“Why don’t you tell me, Abigale? It was picked up from your house. It’s too bad you didn’t conceal it better when the garbage truck came by to pick it up. He reported it to us immediately. A day after the party.”
“I’ve never seen this before in my life. It’s not even my bag!”
A vein protruded from his forehead, and Abigale could sense his growing anger. “I know what happened at the party.”

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Now for a short Q&A! Be sure to write your questions in the comments and I will be happy to respond!

Q: What genre would you want to try writing and what genre could you never write?

A: I would like to try writing fantasy. I do have a layout for a fantasy novel I would love to pursue, but I want to develop my writing a little more before I tackle it Title: ?. A genre I could never write would be erotic romance. I find it much too awkward and personal to write about; therefore, I’ll be sticking to the YA side of things for a while! Perhaps I will feel differently in the future? Fellow writers: what is a genre you would like to try writing and what genre could you never write?

Q: What’s your writing method?

A: This is a hard one. It honestly depends on the novel and how easily the story is coming to me. I will sometimes do brainstorming sessions, in which case I might plan out the whole novel. Other times, I will “pants” my entire way through the story. I personally like having a general guideline to go by for each chapter so I know what the main focus is, but I will definitely let my imagination wander if it likes and adjust the plot accordingly.

Q: Where do you start writing your books? Middle, end, beginning?

A: Sadly, I start writing my books at the beginning, which is awful because I find the beginning to be the most difficult to write (the chapter after the exciting prologue). I find it so draining as a writer, and yet, I know if I don’t start at the beginning I will get super confused. How about you guys? Be sure to leave your questions in the comments!

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Amy Crandall is an avid reader and novelist born and raised in British
Columbia, Canada. She began writing in elementary school, publishing
her first story on at the age of thirteen. With the
support of her loved ones and newfound friends on the site, Amy
continued to share her thoughts and interests in the form of storytelling.

Before her days, she was published in A Celebration of Poets -
Summer 2012 (Creative Communication, 2012) for her poem My Garden.
That experience only drove her desire to further pursue writing. Her
first full-length novel, "Delusions", was a featured story
on, reaching #7 in the mystery/thriller genre, and
surpassing 115,000 reads, before its publishing.

When she isn't envisioning a new story plot, Amy can be found camping with
loved ones, getting lost in a great read, jamming to her favourite
tunes, or giving in to her craving of Timmies' iced lemonades.

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