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Lie With Me by Andy Lanyon - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Psychiatrist Alex Leidner has a comfortable life. His practice is thriving, he has a beautiful wife, and lives in a large home in the suburbs. It’s a quiet existence, one to which he’s grown accustomed. But an illicit affair changes everything, and he quickly finds himself targeted. Someone has been watching him, and Alex desperately seeks the truth as his life begins to unravel, and threats turn to violence.

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Jennifer's Review
Lie with Me is a great book and I truly loved reading it. 
It's about a psychiatrist who treats a patient named Jamie who is gay and is in love with the doctor. The doctor also finds himself falling in love with Jamie, and soon the two of them are secretly having an affair. 
One day they find out someone is blackmailing them, and to stop it the doctor pays the fee, but afterwards the blackmail continues.
Who was behind it all, and how does the story end? You will be surprised. 
5 stars. 

Author Bio
I’m a doctor currently living and working in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve long had an interest in writing, starting with a few misguided efforts when I was thirteen. I began to take it seriously three years ago, when I started work on my first novel in earnest. Working with an editor and seeing the process to completion is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had, and I hope to self-publish many more novels. I like mysteries and psychological thrillers with well-drawn characters, a fast pace and crisp prose, and strive to achieve this in my writing.

Visit my website for more details. Happy reading!

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