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The First by Glen Kenner - Book Tour + Giveaway

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The First
A John Smith Thriller #1
by Glen Kenner

Action Thriller

The first page hits you like a deadly punch to the throat and never lets up!

John Smith is a First, one of a few men that walk among us seemingly as
normal as anyone, but with a secret so unimaginable that their very
existence is a threat to humanity. But times are changing and the
Firsts are eager to live openly and take their rightful place in the
world once again. The only thing stopping them is John, who has seen
the best and worst of all of mankind and knows that some truths are
best kept secret. He has kept his own life simple and unassuming
because he knows it’s the only way to stay out of the system and
under the radar of world governments, secret organizations, and
assassins alike. But when an old enemy shows up on the same day that
a beautiful young woman needs his help, John quickly finds himself in
the fight of his life against elite hit squads, ruthless psychopathic
murders, and a black-ops cutting-edge technology that was
specifically designed to track down him and other Firsts like him,
all while trying to unravel the mystery of this new woman in his life
without getting her killed and keeping her from killing anyone who
doesn’t deserve it. From the American Midwest to Syria and Paris,
John Smith is both predator and prey, but he can no longer survive on
his own, and so with the help of the only people he hopes he can
trust and more luck than he deserves, he faces down his fears and
takes on his enemies the only way he knows how: with everything he’s got.

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She’s on the floor five feet away.
The curtains are drawn and the lights are still off. I find the hallway switch on the wall and flip it on. That probably hurts her eyes but I’ve got to be able to see better. And I can’t open the curtains and let the outside world watch what might happen in the next 10 minutes. She’s on her stomach with her head turned toward the wall. I can’t see her face very well without getting right over her. Hmm. Her keys are on the floor, a foot inside the apartment. She got her blouse off. It’s lying a foot from her keys. She must have already been burning up when she got inside. Looks like she was trying to get her jeans off when either she collapsed or maybe simply tripped and didn’t have the strength to get up. Either way, her jeans are down around her shins with one foot still showing and the other buried inside her pants leg. This would look bad if someone walked in right now. A young, very pretty woman, lying face down in her bra and underwear, clothes off or almost so, and a guy standing next to her with a sledge hammer. And with a busted door, someone could walk in any second. A friend. A boyfriend. The neighbor across the hall could have heard something and wonder why the door looks broken. And any of them could have a gun. Shit, odds are all of them would have a gun.
I stand next to her waiting for whatever happens next.

Glen Kenner is the author of the John Smith thrillers and numerous short
stories published in the US and Japan. He was born in St Louis,
Missouri, in 1969, and grew up 30 miles southwest in High Ridge, MO.
He received a B.A. - English from the University of Missouri -
Columbia and an M.A. - Media Communications from Webster University
before moving to Wakayama, Japan, with his wife to teach English as a
Second Language to public school children for three years. Now back
in St Louis, he enjoys writing suspenseful, action-packed thrillers,
painting, traveling, and volunteer work for local literacy non-profits.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content and a giveaway!

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