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Augur of Shadows by Jacob Rundle - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Augur of Shadows
The Destined Book 1
by Jacob Rundle

Dark Urban Fantasy

The story has always been told that the end of the world is the end of everything.
Seventeen year-old Henri and his two friends, Etlina and Siméon, are burdened
with the responsibility to bring about a cataclysmic event in order
to save the entirety of existence from the primordial evil.
Through the guidance of
otherworldly beings, Henri and his friends venture on their paths to
fulfill what is needed to ensure the survival of the universe.
With their intertwining
endeavors, Henri and the others venture on exploits through lands of
myth and mystery. In the process of fulfilling their obligations,
they begin to form a much-needed bond, which helps propel them
forward to do what is needed to guarantee existence in the future.

Trish heard a faint whisper, “Abby.” She turned to see which one whispered Abby’s name, yet she found nothing. She examined the area for any indication of a new survivor. Trish only saw the same individuals that she had been with the entire time.
“What the hell?” She thought that she had started going crazy. Her felt that her fear started turning into extreme paranoia. She took another step, and she heard the same faint whisper, “Abby.” Trish braced herself for a fight, yet she was left standing against herself.
“Momma, what’s wrong?” Abby stared at her mother.
“Oh, nothing baby. Keep moving.” Trish felt horrible for lying to her, but she knew that she would make the situation worse had she mentioned hearing a ghostly voice.
“Abby,” the voice materialized within the somber mists. Trish about-faced to catch the culprit, and what she found left her speechless. She squinted her eyes to see if what she saw was real. She couldn’t believe her eyes.
She bored into the eyes of a mysterious boy. She was in disbelief. The boy didn’t look over the age of seventeen years old.
“Hello?” Trish tried to gain the boy’s attention, yet he didn’t respond. The boy’s face was inconclusive. Trish became relentless with finding out his identity, and his mysterious markings.
“Abby.” The boy mourned for Trish’s ears, which forced her to cease her pursuit. She stood face-to-face with the boy, and all she saw was his pajamas he was wearing. She saw glimmers of blue markings on the boy’s face, hands and arms.
“What are you?” She rushed over to the boy with the sight of a falling, burning bush.
“Watch out!” Trish lunged to rescue the boy, however; she passed through his corporeal-like body, and she crashed into the ground. She whipped around to see if the boy had survived, but there was no evidence of anyone being there. Trish became a firm believer that her mental instability and delusions have won, and she had officially lost her mind.

Jacob John Rundle was born on September 27, 1985, in Galesburg, IL. He
attended Knox College, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Russian
Language and Literature. He served eight years in the United States
Navy as a Nuclear Mechanic.
After finishing his time with the
Navy, he moved to New Orleans, and it is where he resides, pursuing
his dream of being a writer.

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