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Bite Me by Louise Cypress - Audio Book Tour + Giveaway

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Author: Louise Cypress

Narrators: Reba Buhr, Alexander Cendese

Length: 8 hours 2 minutes

Series: The Puritan Coven Series, Book 1

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Release date: Jan. 10, 2019

Genre: Paranormal Romance; Young Adult

A nerdy high school senior transforms into a vampire vixen who's unaware that her hunky date for prom is the slayer sent to destroy her.

Morgan Taylor-Jackson can't wait for high school to end. In six months she leaves for UCLA and says goodbye to La Jolla, California, and her parents' messy divorce. But when Morgan is bitten by a four-year-old boy, she becomes infected with a mysterious condition. Fever, insomnia, and a new bustline are only the beginning; Morgan morphs from nerd to bombshell.

As far as Van Xander is concerned, all vampires are evil, even the ones who reject human sacrifice and call themselves Puritans. When Helsing Incorporated sends Van to La Jolla to investigate the local coven, Morgan is his prime target. Pretending to be interested in her, Van asks Morgan out and puts her through a series of tests to determine her killer nature.

Morgan is thrilled to be dating a hot guy like Van and falls for him hard. As Van strings Morgan along, he grows increasingly guilty. Morgan is kind, compassionate, and a gooey romantic. Just as Van's mind begins to change, evil forces threaten everything. When prom night arrives, there are only two ways out of the ballroom: death or immortality.

Louise Cypress believes in friendship, true love, and the everlasting power of books. She has never met a vampire or a mermaid, but she has been to a Love Sucks concert on Valentine's Day. She can often be found curled up with a romance novel on Saturday night, diet soda in hand, secretly wishing bustles were back in fashion. Louise is from San Diego, California, where the beach is crowded and summer is immortal.
Narrator Bio

Reba Buhr grew up in the Pacific Northwest and now lives in Los Angeles, working in theater, film, and television. She has degrees from Occidental College in theater and classical voice. Reba began recording audiobooks in 2012 and has turned her love for performance into a passion for narrating characters that jump off the page. Reba is an accomplished voice actor and has lent her voice to many commercials, video games, and animated projects, including Popples and Knights of Sidonia for Netflix, Toonami's Hunter x Hunter, and Zagtoon's Zak Storm.
Narrator Bio

Alexander Cendese is a New York–based actor/narrator whose credits include roles on and Off-Broadway, in films, and on popular television shows, including Law & Order: SVU and All My Children. He holds a BFA from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama.

Guest Post
Why YA Books Matter to Teens and Adults
By Louise Cypress
I love reading YA because the stories are full of hope and optimism. The world is still full of possibilities. There are no bills to bay, baskets of laundry to fold, or weeds to pull in the backyard. Reading a YA novel lets me escape to a time in my life when my biggest worry was getting good grades so I could go to college. Listening to a YA book on audio is even better, because it lets me accomplish all of the “adulting” tasks I need to do, like cleaning the house or walking on the treadmill, while immersing myself in a story.

Young Adult books matter to teens and adults. I've seen research that suggests that up to 60% of all YA readers are over the age of eighteen. For indie books, that percentage is even higher. There is something about the YA genre that attracts readers of all ages, yet you don't see that happening with other branches of KidLit. Yes, an adult might buy a picture book to give to a niece or nephew, but she doesn't circle the release date on her calendar and download the picture book on her Kindle the moment it comes out. YA is special.

I love writing YA because when I was in high school I was so focused on studying that I didn't make time for fun. I went to a couple of dances but missed my senior prom. I had a boyfriend for a couple of weeks, but that was it. In high school I always felt too nerdy to love. All of my YA books feature main characters who are nerdy, but who eventually become brave enough to date and embrace romance on their own terms. Of course, in BITE ME, Morgan runs into a bit of trouble. She doesn't know that she's a vampire, or that her hunky date for prom is the slayer sent to destroy her. At least my high school experience didn't involve Promageddon!

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